The Client

Rivington Place was opened in 2007 as the UK’s first permanent public space dedicated to diversity in the visual arts and is the home of Autograph ABP, the international, non-profit-making, photographic arts agency.

The RIBA award-winning building designed by David Adjaye is influenced by African and contemporary art as well as the history of the local area in east London.

There is a large gallery on the ground floor, two smaller spaces upstairs, the Stuart Hall Library, meeting rooms available to hire, and a café, and provides a space for viewing, learning about and researching photography and film.

The Brief

The halogen lighting was over ten years old and had degraded over the years. It was showing its age with increasing maintenance costs. Quality of light and energy efficiency with low maintenance costs were essential for any replacement.

Adrian Eaves, General Manager of Rivington Place: “We desperately needed an upgrade and LED lights were the only option on the market but we were very worried about it as there was a clear need for good quality spotlights that gave us flexibility. We wanted advice we could trust and we were provided this by SaveMoneyCutCarbon.”

The Solution

Adrian searched online for gallery spotlight suppliers and found SaveMoneyCutCarbon. He was Impressed with the great reviews and testimonials, as well as the prices and contacted the online sales team before drawing up a shortlist of companies to bid for the contract.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon beat off the challengers, despite some of those having a record of supplying lighting solutions to high-profile public galleries.

Annual savings of 90% from our energy saving solutions

Adrian was particularly impressed by the level of knowledge and expertise from online sales team member Justin Hook, who liaised with the spotlight manufacturers Verbatim to ensure the gallery’s exacting needs were fully met.

This included an extended warranty to five years and a change of glass reflectors on the spotlights for more control over focus and blur. All the detailed technical questions from the gallery’s maintenance and technical advisors were fully answered.

The gallery used four tester lamps sent by SaveMoneyCutCarbon and the team there were all impressed by the softness and purity of light when dimmed to the exact requirement.

The gallery ordered a range of Verbatim LED Premium Track Lights at 48W, 25W and 15W all with the unique Vx-filter that delivers precise changes to the spectral distribution curve enhancing the vividness of colours. It also chose Verbatim Spot Reflectors for sharper focus and Verbatim Anti-Glare Snoots.

“The LED spotlights are better by far than the old halogens. They lighten up the spaces with bags of colour and washes. The 360-degree spots and the global fitting for the tracks give us more flexibility."

“We installed them for the launch of the 'Making Jamaica' exhibition and everyone was so very happy with the result. From the Directors of Autograph ABP, to the Curators, to the Lighting Technicians, to the Staff and the general public that came to the private view, all were really impressed and amazed at the quality of the light that bathed the gallery. “You could see the bluish colour in the floor clearly and it brought out the sepia tones of the photographs in the current exhibition. We really couldn't be happier, and appreciate all the hard work to allow us to reach the decision to purchase them. We had all the information needed and at break neck speed for us to make the decision and to get these lights up in time for the new show.”

Adrian Eaves, General Manager, Rivington Place Gallery

“Our experience of working in the gallery sector is important when helping Rivington Place decide the best and most cost-effective solution to replace its old halogen set-up. It was great to work with Adrian and the team on the specification, knowing that Verbatim products would deliver the quality of light and robust manufacture that was needed.”

Justin Hook, online sales team SaveMoneyCutCarbon


  • Improved quality of light
  • Longevity – 50,000+ hours
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Energy savings of up to 90%

Annual Savings

  • 90%


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