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  • Full access to your personalised energy savings proposal, designed to help you achieve your energy savings targets
  • Expertly chosen products designed to provide sustainability without compromising the look and feel of your Gallery
  • An Expert and Efficient installation team who will work around you to ensure limited disruption

Commercial Manager

  • Full access to your personalised investment ready proposal with ROI’s and payback periods fully detailed
  • Unlock energy and water savings potential across all areas of the building, so funds can be re-directed into events and exhibitions
  • Achieve CSR targets without compromising the look and feel of your Gallery

Maintenance Manager

  • Quality products from proven manufacturers which have longer lifespans and reduce replacement times
  • A full range of available sustainable spares
  • A single and consistent point of contact should anything go wrong
  • Next day delivery on most common items

2. Expert recommendations for your gallery

3. Guidance articles for galleries

Guinness to remove plastic packaging from multipacks

Guinness has announced that it’s removing all plastic from multipacks of the Irish stout brand as part of its industry-leading drive to reduce pollution.

BehaviourCorporate Social ResponsibilitySustainability in practice

Shell commits $300 million to massive tree planting project

Shell has announced a $300 million reforestation project to offset carbon emissions from its fossil fuel products.

BehaviourCorporate Social ResponsibilitySustainability in practice

How to light a warehouse

Currently, there are many warehouses with aged lighting that fails to strike the sweet spot of economy, safety and quality. Some are a drain on the bottom line with energy and maintenance costs that could be reduced by 50% and more.


5 reasons to convert warehouse lighting to LEDs

LED technology has been a game changer in lighting and has rapidly matured to provide solutions for nearly every environment – with warehouses a prime candidate for conversion.


The art of gallery lighting – a guide to lighting your gallery or museum

The way that visitors to galleries and museums engage and enjoy their experience is heavily influenced by the design and quality of the lighting. Lighting has an effect from the moment the visitor first arrives at the gallery or museum exterior, through their journey in the curated space to the...


Sensor taps make total sense at school

Lucy shows us the benefits of upgrading to sensor taps in the school loos

Savings Stories

Philips SceneSwitch – 3 bulbs in one

Cliff raves about his Philips SceneSwitch bulb, offering 3 levels of light in a single bulb!

Savings Stories

Smaller water bills, better showers

Hazel reviews the Hansgrohe Select S 120 3jet P Raindance EcoSmart Chrome Hand Shower, revealing her impressive annual water saving

Savings Stories

Craig gives his Hansgrohe hand shower the thumbs up!

Craig’s review of the Hansgrohe Select S120 Raindance highlights the main features of this high quality water-saving shower head

Savings Stories

15 ways to get better hospital HVAC energy efficiency

Heating and ventilation consumes a significant proportion of the £400 million spent on energy in the UK health sector so it makes sense to adopt energy efficient HVAC practices and technologies in hospitals.


Lucy Pittaway Gallery

Yorkshire art gallery finds perfect lighting solution - Soraa LEDs from SaveMoneyCutCarbon provide deep, rich colours and natural light for multiple award-winning artist Lucy Pittaway

View project



Rivington Place Gallery

London gallery finds ideal light upgrade with quality LED - Verbatim lamps provide vibrant solution to replace ageing halogen

View project



Stern Pissarro Gallery

Arc track lights provide true-to-life colours and modern design with energy savings -

View project



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