Eco Kitchen essentials

These kitchen essentials make it easy for you to get things done without worrying about the plastic, carbon, or landfill implications. We’re proud to say they’ve been tried, tested and given the seal of approval by our busy team, who are a mix of working mums, dads, couples and individuals with active lifestyles.

Our Top Picks

LED Lighting

It’s easier to create masterpieces in a well-lit kitchen and these LED lightbulbs help show off your creations. It’s not just a vanity exercise though, their energy efficiency saves your dough and their long lifetimes help minimise dreaded landfill.

Smart Lighting

“Alexa, turn on the lights over the dishwasher – it might encourage people to actually put something in it!” Smart lighting isn’t just for setting the mood, or showing off when friends come for supper. It revolutionises the way you live – and work – in your home without wasting money or energy unnecessarily.

Kitchen Taps

A tap’s just a tap, isn’t it? Think again. These taps aren’t just reliable and hardworking, they reduce water use (helping your pocket), and are made responsibly so that they will endure no matter what everyday life throws at them.


Our heating solutions were chosen for their carbon, energy, water and waste reducing credentials. Whatever the weather outdoors, you’ll be comfortably cosy indoors.

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