What is Grohe Blue?

Grohe Blue is an ingenious system range that gives you the tastiest eco-friendly drinking water, straight from the tap. And you can add bubbles if you like.

From Grohe Pure to Grohe Home and Grohe Professional, the beautifully designed options mean you can choose exactly the type of water you want, either from a separate tap or one that combines drinking water supply with other kitchen needs.

The unique Grohe Blue filter technology transforms ordinary tap water into fresh water, removing all of the substances that can impair the taste.

If pure, clear water is what you want, then Grohe Pure is the ideal starting point. The Pure tap has separate internal waterways for filtered water and unfiltered water.

Grohe Blue Pure

The Grohe Blue Pure system delivers great tasting cool water and improves the flavour of your hot drinks like coffee and tea so there’s none of that bad aftertaste. That’s because it filters out chemicals like chlorine and heavy metals, while ensuring you still get the beneficial minerals.

Average filter life is around a year and the system delivers pure filtered water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The tap handle has an LED display that alerts you when the filter needs changing. Your Grohe Blue filter cartridge can purify up to 3000 litres of water and it’s easy to replace. The smart filter is adjustable to the hardness of the water and has a capacity of 600 litres.

And Pure taps, like all the Grohe range, have the distinctive Starlight finish that means they are durable and stay looking pristine over many years of heavy use. Check out the Grohe Blue Mono Pure Swivel 150 Chrome Kitchen Tap.

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Eco friendly Blue

What’s more, you can forget about having to regularly dragging home heavy packs of environmentally-damaging plastic water bottles.  The Grohe Blue solution is beneficial to the environment as it helps to cut CO2 emissions by 61% compared to bottled water.

It takes 7 litres of water to produce a single litre of commercial bottled water and around 2.8 billion litres of bottled water are consumed each year in the UK. There is research showing that drinking a bottle of water has the same impact on the environment as driving a car for one kilometre.

And the Grohe WaterCare® promise is to work with customers to ensure the future of a precious natural resource. Superb manufacturing quality means long working life, reducing landfill throwaways.

Grohe Blue also means you have much more room in your fridge after you say goodbye to wasteful plastic bottles.

Grohe Blue Home

If you want more choice of tastes, Grohe Blue Home provides you with perfect filtered chilled water – you choose whether to drink it stilled or with medium bubbles, or full-on sparkling! It’s better than bottled water in every way – cheaper, tastier and more eco-friendly.

The Grohe Home system has a range of tap designs and it’s easy to install.

The three button settings provide filtered and cool still water, fine bubbles for lightly sparkling taste and full sparkling water. The five-stage filter helps to reduce lime content which means your iron, kettle and coffee maker suffer less limescale build-up.

Like the Pure system, the Grohe Home smart filter is adjustable to the hardness of the water and has a capacity of 600 litres with average filter life of around 12 months and the system delivers pure filtered water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The tap handle has an LED display that alerts you when the filter needs changing.

A great example is the Grohe Blue Home U Spout Swivel 150 Chrome Kitchen Mixer Tap.

For even more control, the Grohe Blue Home C Spout Swivel 150 Chrome Kitchen Mixer Tap with Bluetooth is an amazing piece of kitchen technology, giving you a smarter way to enjoy filtered water using Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

This gives you the freedom to control the tap using your smartphone through the Grohe Ondus App so you can track your water intake and have the option to re-order filters at a touch of a button.

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grohe blue-square-1440-x-1120

Grohe Blue Professional

If you have a busy work kitchen, then Grohe Blue Professional is the ideal choice for great-tasting filtered water fresh from the tap and turn your workplace into a plastic bottle-free zone at the same time – no more juggling with the logistics of expensive, bulky deliveries of single-use plastic bottles.

A great example in the range is the Grohe Blue Professional Single Lever Swivel 150 L Spout Chrome Kitchen Mixer Tap.

Grohe Blue Professional has a five-stage filter, cooler and carbonator and the system is as easy to use as any standard tap.

The separated inner water ways for unfiltered tap and filtered drinking water, mean that your filtered water never comes into contact with anything that could affect its clean, pure taste.

And the tap – available in three contemporary shapes – has effortless functionality so you can turn it by 150° and it’s available with pull-out mousseur that makes cleaning the sink and filling larger pitchers easier.

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The Grohe Blue Professional system has a stunningly beautiful design. The tap’s right lever mixes hot and cold tap water while the left-hand knob has an integrated coloured LED display for selection of the type of water you require – carbonated or still, using buttons on the handle.

For cool, still water, you push the top button and the LED lights up blue. If you want a gentle, medium sparkling taste you simply press both buttons in sequence and the LED lights up turquoise. For full sparkling water, you push the lower button and the LED lights up green.

The system has a cooler for chilled and sparkling water supply managing 12 L/hr, enough for 40 people per system and with the cooling temperature pre-adjustable between 6 – 10 °C, with integrated display and WLAN connectivity, so you can connect with smartphones/ tablets for effortless monitoring, tracking of consumption and capacities.

There is a choice of 4 different types of high-performance filter to match different capacities, as well as a CO2 bottle to provide for up to 350 Litres of sparkling water.

Grohe has partnered with BWT, Europe’s leading water professionals to ensure safety, hygiene and the highest quality standards, combining BWT’s leading filtration technology and GROHE’s design and engineering excellence.

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