Save money with Bamboo Kitchen towels

You can make big savings by ditching your paper kitchen towels – and be kinder to the planet as well.

Every day, we throw away millions of sheets of kitchen roll in the UK at home and at work. While Americans use around 13 billion lbs of paper towels each year, it’s estimated that we in Europe get through around half of that. This is equivalent to around 40 rolls per person every year.

It’s so easy to save money by replacing your paper kitchen towels and cleaning cloths with eco-friendly, reusable bamboo sheets.

Ecoegg Bamboo Towels are made from a certified organic source and are strong and absorbent. In fact, bamboo is one of the strongest and most absorbent natural substances. It soaks up more than 10 times as much as normal kitchen paper.

Wash and reuse

You use them for everything you would normally grab a paper towel – mopping up spills, messes, cleaning, wiping, dusting, drying and more. They will never scratch or leave lint or residue.

The really great thing about ecoegg Bamboo Towels is that you can reuse them. Each sheet can be washed and used again 85 times, and with 20 sheets per roll you will get 1700 uses from each roll.

Unlike normal kitchen paper which you use once and then throw away, you just pop the bamboo towels into your washing machine – they get softer and more absorbent every time you wash them.

And when you do that, you might want to use ecoegg Laundry Eggs and Dryer Eggs – saving you even more money as well as helping the planet.

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Better for the planet

Choosing to use ecoegg Bamboo Towels is one of the easiest ways to reduce our impact on the environment. It takes 17 trees and more than 20,000 gallons of water to make one tonne of paper towels.

Compare that to bamboo – you can grow around 60 tonnes per hectare, compared with 20 tonnes for most trees, and 2 tonnes for cotton. Bamboo needs very little irrigation, with water-efficiency twice that of trees.

Most paper towels and facial tissues are made from virgin paper. This means no recycled content is used to make a product that is thrown away after just one use and mainly ends up in landfill. Used kitchen roll is not meant to be recycled.

What’s more, bamboo is very fast-growing, sustainable, easy to harvest, and excellent in removing CO2 from the atmosphere. A single hectare sequesters 62 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, compared with 15 tonnes that a young timber forest can absorb.

When the bamboo towel has come to the end of its long working life, it’s fully recyclable, biodegradable and can be composted and disposed of in an organic and environmentally friendly way.

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One response to “Save money with Bamboo Kitchen towels

  1. Personally I cannot see why these are any different from using a microfibre cloth.
    The only reason I use paper kitchen towels is when cleaning up something that I don’t want in the washer like dog poo, squashed mouse,cat sick and other nasties.Their disposability is why I use them!

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