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We hear it all the time – you want to try being more sustainable, but don’t know where to start. You’re worried that the eco-friendly products you want to try just won’t work as well, and you’ll have wasted your money? Which let’s face it none of us need right now!

Well, we’ve listened, and you can now buy any eco-product* from our shop, use it for 30 days, and if you don’t love it return it to us for free for a full refund. Yes you read that correctly, we’re letting you return used and part used products, open packs and even products you’ve installed and used. 

So if you’ve been wanting to give an ecoegg a go, order it, test it on your towels, gym gear, the kiddies school uniform…even have a little go at hand washing with it, and if you really don’t love it you can send it back to us. Or maybe you’ve been wanting to see how easy a smart plug is to set up (it’s actually really easy even if we do say so ourselves) now’s the perfect time, and if you think actually a connected home isn’t for you just yet, no problem we’ll refund you.

All of our sustainable essentials products are included, as well as home LED lighting, smart lighting and plugs, tap aerators, and water displacement bags.

We call it “Give Eco a Go”

We love our products and are so confident in them that letting you try them is a no brainer.

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30 day give eco a go banners for mobiles

If you’re curious about what we do with your returns, don’t worry we’re not about to create more waste.

We’ve teamed up with two local charities Thetford Foodbank, which is part of Seeded by the Trussell Trust and Lighthouse women’s refuge in Ipswich. Any eco-friendly products returned will be donated to help their community kitchens.

Saving money on cleaning and kitchen equipment means that both charities can use that money on other things to further help people in crisis. If you want to donate to either of these great charities, you can follow the links above.

Don’t forget we also have an office and a fabulous team, so we’ll make good use of returns. Anything from dishwasher tablets to LEDs – with all proceeds going to either Thetford Foodbank or Lighthouse women’s refuge.

All other products will be listed on our eBay store, so even if you didn’t love it, someone else can and grab themselves a bargain.

Check out our full returns policy for this offer here. 

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