SaveMoneyCutCarbon Club

Learn all about the SaveMoneyCutCarbon Club and how it can benefit you, your staff and the planet

Why should you gift your staff membership of Home Club?

  • Takes your ESG reach into the homes of your staff.
  • Your staff take advantage of our exclusive Club pricing to make easy sustainable swaps in their homes.
  • Your staff will get Free delivery with their Club membership
  • 12 months of educational content, designed to raise awareness of sustainability delivered straight to your staff’s in-box.
  • Each individual employee can see their personal Impact Statement when they log into their account on the SaveMoneyCutCarbon webpage.
  • We provide the organisation with the aggregated view for your company on an anonymised basis representing the savings / impact all your staff are making through changes in their homes showing the total impact across money saved, energy, water, plastic and carbon.
  • Incentivise your staff to use the service by gifting then Planet Points.
  • A range of different pricing options available depending on each businesses needs.

Last year we saved our customers 727 million litres water, over 23million Kilowatts of energy, lots of money and as a result reduced their carbon footprint by the equivalent of 24 million miles in an average petrol family car – but this could just be the start!

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