Lowering your energy costs and supporting your decarbonisation, sustainability & ESG agenda

With energy costs spiralling and margins being squeezed, the need to reduce the amount of energy and water in a business has never been more pressing. The SaveMoneyCutCarbon Sustainability as a Service team provide a pragmatic and proven end-to-end service for organisations to help lower energy and water costs and the associated carbon footprint, delivering on ESG agendas.

With multiple audits and energy reduction projects completed, we have the experience to assist organisations to get their costs under control and simultaneously help with their Carbon Zero journey. Using our unique audit tools we identify the present untapped energy, water & carbon savings opportunities across your organisation and (where applicable) finance & deliver the resulting projects. However, it’s not just about proven technology & solutions, we also work with our clients to provide education and behaviour change, helping your staff and customers to make sustainable swaps in their own homes.

Simply complete the form opposite and one of our Energy & Carbon Mentors will be in touch to book a free 30-minute, no obligation appointment.

Every big journey must start with the first small step

In our case this is a free, no obligation 30-minute video call with one of our Energy & Carbon Mentors. Complete the form to receive an email with a link to a range of diary options for you to book. During your video call we will be able to better understand what the priorities are for your business, how you’ve been affected by energy price rises, where you are on your carbon reduction journey and where you want to get to, as well as answering your questions and sharing ideas and recommendations. Each call is followed by a selection of guides giving more information about the technology and solutions discussed for you to review.

Meet our Energy & Carbon Mentors!



SaveMoneyCutCarbon has two dedicated & experienced Energy & Carbon Mentors. They in turn have access to all our teams including our technology & solution specialists covering areas like Electric Vehicles, Solar, LED, Smart washrooms and heat pumps, through to our audit & analysis, financing, project delivery, home shop and carbon & sustainability education / behaviour teams. They look forward to speaking with you!

What is a Carbon Mentor Call?

Our goal is to make living more sustainably and reducing carbon footprints easier. Our promise is in our name: we believe if we can save you money and reduce carbon, whether in the largest organisation or down to a single home then everyone wins – including the planet.

  • Strengthen your reputation – companies that want to take climate action are increasingly expected to set science-based targets and doing so shows that you’re taking responsibility
  • Make cost savings – for example, through lower energy costs
  • Shape your business strategy, drive innovation and increase your competitive edge
  • Increased investor confidence – financial institutions are increasingly factoring in carbon reductions in line with climate science
  • Attract & retain staff – many staff look for companies who have made a commitment to helping the planet
  • Customers – be able to share your commitment to attract and retain customers
  • Help manage future risks – setting targets can boost resilience to future emissions-related regulations