Cheetah’s dynamic ventilation system saves up to 80% energy in commercial kitchens

Cheetah saves energy by controlling the extract and air supply fans in line with demand. Energy savings of up to 80% are typically achieved by controlling ventilation fan speeds to match extract rates with cooking processes.

Bars & RestaurantsHotelsIntelligent Building Controls

The compelling case for smart lighting controls in hotels

There is a compelling case for intelligent lighting controls in hotels that extends far beyond the essential focus on saving energy and reducing carbon footprint.

HotelsLutron Lighting Controls

10 things to consider when buying taps for your hotel

Fitting eco taps has clear benefits for hotels of all sizes. Here are our top ten points to consider before you buy taps for your hotel.

Eco TapsHotelsTop tips to cut costs

Top 10 Tips for Better Hotel Water Management

Hotels are facing increasing pressures from both guests and sector organisations to manage water use more effectively. Here are top 10 tips for better hotel water management.


A simple guide to hotel lighting levels

Getting the lighting levels exactly right in hotels is a complex business with contrasting needs for different areas. The perfect balance between design and functionality ensures that guests have an enjoyable stay and feel positive about the hotel while staff can work efficiently and professionally.


LED Lighting Jargon Buster for Hotels

Don’t know your ‘GU10s’ from your ‘PARs’? Get the answer to these and more in our handy guide to LED lighting jargon buster.


10 hotel LED lighting blunders and how to avoid them

The right LED lighting is crucial to ensure that hotel guests have the best experience during their stay – avoid these ten blunders:


Luxury without sustainability is nothing: Eco is the new luxury

The idea of hotels going green is not so new but until recently being eco did not appear to fit with the luxury end of the market. However, this is changing very rapidly and is driven in large part by the eco preferences of people who seek environmentally-friendly experiences on their...


How to create the perfect eco hotel room (and why it matters)

Creating the perfect eco hotel room has benefits that will put your property ahead of the competition, cut costs and reduce your environmental impact. So what makes a hotel room effectively eco?


Top 15 ways to get better HVAC energy efficiency in your Hotel

Efficient HVAC systems are essential for hotels as costs continue to rise and guest rooms in particular consume much of the property’s energy. HVAC consumes around 85 per cent of guest room energy on average so the most energy efficient HVAC systems will cut operating costs while pleasing guests. We...




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