4 clear reasons why businesses should generate their own electricity

More than one in three UK businesses now produce at least some of their own electricity according to a recent Economist report. Here are four key reasons why.

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15 ways to get better hospital HVAC energy efficiency

Heating and ventilation consumes a significant proportion of the £400 million spent on energy in the UK health sector so it makes sense to adopt energy efficient HVAC practices and technologies in hospitals.


Top 10 tips for better hospital water management

Hospital budgets are under continued strain but financial savings of 20% and more can be made through water efficiency. The top 10 tips here for better hospital water management can provide quick savings through small repairs to existing infrastructure and by changing staff behaviour while some need an initial investment...


LED Lighting Jargon Buster for Hospitals

Are you wrestling to sort out your ‘GU4s’ from ‘GU10s’? You will find the answer to these and much more in our handy guide to LED lighting jargon buster for hospitals.


Funding hospital energy efficiency improvements with SALIX

Salix offers interest-free loans to hospitals for energy efficiency improvements to ease strains on budgets but the process is necessarily complex.


Impact of lighting on patient outcomes

Lighting is a crucial element in the provision of best levels of care for patients in hospitals and its importance is underpinned by a growing body of research into its effects.


How to light a hospital

The effects of lighting on health and productivity are brought into sharp focus in our hospitals. A well-designed lighting system not only ensures that all tasks in different areas are carried out effectively but also has a positive effect on the emotions and general well-being of patients.


Get a Handle on Hand-drying in your Hospital

There’s no need to keep blowing money from hard-pressed hospital budgets on paper towel facilities or have faith in old and energy-guzzling hand dryers.


Focus on best lighting for the hospital patient

The focus on best lighting for patients in hospitals has developed over the past decade with the growing awareness on the benefits together with detailed guidelines for new and retrofit projects.


A simple guide to hospital lighting levels

The CIBSE guidelines for lighting in hospitals give detailed advice on all aspects of lighting levels and design in the sector. Its revised Lighting Guide 2 was published in 2008 and is the lighting bible for the healthcare sector.




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