Top NHS award for our energy-saving work with Addenbrooke’s Hospital

SaveMoneyCutCarbon has won a top NHS award for our energy-saving work with Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH).

We have been chosen as NHS Sustainability Awards Supplier of the Year to mark the highly successful progress in reducing energy consumption at the CUH’s world-famous Addenbrooke’s Hospital, renowned for its teaching facilities and research.

We have been working closely with Addenbrooke’s for over four years, driving forward initiatives to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. Our team has delivered 11 substantial LED lighting and lighting controls projects, with hundreds of LED lamps installed, as well as providing supply services for the hospital.

We have focused on savings from LED lighting and from our installations to date Addenbrooke’s expects yearly savings of £148,000 savings in electricity and maintenance, validated by a rigorous monitoring and verification programme.  What’s more the payback on investment will be no more than 4.8 years, saving 867MWh a year with annual CO2e reductions of 305 tonnes.

The most recent project is comprehensive, including scope, survey, design, cost and supply and installation of fluorescent to LED replacements of around 7,000 luminaires in at least 18 buildings.

We successfully tendered, through the YPO framework, for NHS Improvement funding to supply and install LED lighting across the hospital.

We have used our direct manufacturer relationships with global lighting organisations to leverage the best prices for the hospital to maximise the value of their investment without compromising on the quality of product. 

Richard Hales, Energy & Sustainability Manager at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, says:

‘’This large-scale LED project provided big improvements in the quality of the hospital environment for clinical practice, patient experience, operational and administrative functionality.

“SMCC’s attention to detail, close customer engagement – to all the staff in the areas being upgraded – quality and care, proactivity and use of initiative and, of course, commitment to environmental sustainability have been real partnership bonuses over a plain-vanilla supply-and-install contract. These things make sustainability matter – taking projects well beyond kWh and carbon.”

Mark Sait, CEO of SaveMoneyCutCarbon says:

“We are keen to continue to develop the outstanding relationship with Addenbrooke’s well beyond the existing project. SaveMoneyCutCarbon are fully committed to environmental sustainability and working collaboratively to meet the specific needs and manage the expectations of the hospital. This partnership is all about genuine sustainability.”

Jenny Carroll Head of Operations at SaveMoneyCutCarbon says: 

“While we are continuously committed to ensuring sustainability solutions across the board, we also want to engage in future healthcare focused sustainable solutions for Addenbrooke’s. For example, we have introduced Addenbrooke’s to innovative LED lighting suitable for dementia wards and care facilities, the luminaires are designed to the specific lighting requirements the patient needs with this condition.

“Our LED project has delivered significant energy and financial savings and it also has many other additional benefits. LED lighting is closer to natural daylight and has a positive impact on the body’s natural circadian rhythm aiding sleep patterns. Increasing the quality of light will improve productivity in the workplace for staff, the quality of light will allow tasks to be visually easier to complete.”

See our work with Addenbrooke’s below

Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge

LED lighting projects to save over £185,000 a year -

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Addenbrooke’s Hospital: Service Areas

Addenbrooke’s Hospital saves £15,000 a year with LED lighting upgrade - Full Salix funding compliance achieved to deliver ROI in under five years

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Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Addenbrooke’s Hospital saves £3,750 a year with LED lighting and motion sensors - Payback in just over three years with interest-free Salix funding

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Addenbrooke’s Hospital Maternity

Addenbrooke’s Hospital maternity ward cuts lighting costs by 63% a year with LEDs - Return on investment in just over three years with interest-free Salix funding

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