The 5 best electric showers to help you save water and reduce energy

Are you looking for a new shower but overwhelmed with the choice? An electric shower is the best option on the market right now. High energy efficiency and instant hot water reduce your water and energy use. And their design makes it super easy to install and replace your old shower.

But you may be wondering how electric showers work. Well, they use water from your cold-water supply and use the built-in heating element, which heats it very quickly. Once the water arrives at the right temperature, it comes out of the shower head. By only heating the water you’re going to use, electric showers are far more economical. No need to turn the hot water on half an hour before showering anymore!

We are huge lovers of Triton electric showers because they’re masters at challenging the view that electric showers are ugly and bulky. Designed for the modern world, they cater for all kinds of homes. And they each come with a two-year guarantee for extra peace of mind.

Helping you cut through the noise – check out our top five electric shower picks from Triton below!

Triton T80 Easi-Fit+ DuElec 9.5kW Electric Shower

This Triton electric shower is a household favourite of ours, helping customers reduce their energy and water use. Featuring a shower head and an overhead shower with five spray patterns, it’s great for families.

With an energy rating of A and running at just five litres per minute, it’s up there in eco credentials. As Triton showers are manufactured in the UK, you don’t have to worry about the huge carbon footprint that comes with shipping a product across the globe.

The shape and size of this shower ensure replacing your existing shower is stress-free. The Swing-Fit™ terminal block and reversible swivel water inlet mean that it doesn’t matter if your existing cable and water connections are on the left or right.

If you’re making the transition to an electric shower, you’ll notice the difference in your household bills instantly. Triton showers run at a maximum of 6 litres per minute, compared to an average of 12 litres for a traditional non-eco shower. This could save you £200 on your annual water bill so you’ll make your money back in just over a year!

We have better news. Electric showers heat water on demand so your boiler doesn’t need to kick in each time someone wants to shower – saving you over £400 each year on your energy bills.

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Triton T5 8.5kW Electric Shower

The T5 Triton shower is perfect for people who want to switch to an electric shower on a budget. For under £100, this shower has an energy efficiency rating of A and runs at 4 litres per minute to help you save on household bills.

When replacing your existing shower, due to its size, the old screw holes can be hidden and with the Swing-Fit™ terminal block and reversible swivel water inlet, it doesn’t matter what size your existing cable and water connections are on.

Featuring a shower head with three spray patterns, the “white box on the wall” style shower is an eco-take on the traditional shower. The rub clean single spray pattern shower head is easy to maintain. Plus, the shower riser rail kit has a height-adjustable top fixing bracket to hide previous rail screw holes for a seamless installation.

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Triton Amore 8.5kW Electric Shower

Looking to switch to an eco-friendly shower but don’t want to compromise on style? The Triton Amore is the one for you. Unlike traditional “white box on the wall” showers, this comprises of a minimal brushed steel box with a touch-activated digital display for an understated modern look. With an energy efficiency rating of A and running at 5 litres per minute, this electric shower could save you up to £500 per year.

The digital display shows the temperature while the touch-activated power selector can be switched on and off and control the temperature. As for the shower head – it has 5 spray patterns and a rub clean chrome finish so you don’t need to use harsh cleaning chemicals to maintain it. Additionally, it has a 1.5m anti-twist hose and a 350mm rail as well as an optional clip-on bottle tray – the complete solution!

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Triton Amala Metallic 8.5kW Electric Shower

Similarly, this brushed brass electric shower is minimal and stylish as well as eco-friendly. Credited with an energy rating of A and running at just 4 litres per minute, switching out your old shower could save you an average of £500 per year.

This Amala shower is super easy to use with illuminated soft touch buttons while the shower head has a 1.5m anti-twist hose with five different spray patterns. The Start/Stop push button allows you to select your favourite shower setting each time – great for those days you’re running late. Plus, the phased shutdown feature flushes out preheated water after use to help reduce limescale build-up – keeping it working for longer.

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Triton Asta DuElec 9.5kW Electric Shower

The Asta DuElec™ with an efficient A energy rating is the most expensive option of our top 5 electric showers, offering you a luxury shower experience. The modern gloss black and chrome adds a touch of style to bathrooms while helping to reduce water and energy bills.

The rainfall overhead and handheld shower have 5 spray patterns, allowing you to use each separately or together. The power control buttons are easier to use and offer a more minimalist look compared to traditional dial controls. Plus, the phased shutdown feature prevents limescale build-up and makes it more comfortable for the next user.

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