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Helping you save money - and the planet!

How it works

Unbeatable Pricing, Guaranteed!

Living sustainability doesn’t have to cost you more.

We created Home Club to remove this barrier: it really is possible to save money – and the planet!

Our Club Price Promise means that if a Club member finds the same product cheaper, we’ll refund the difference. It’s as if you’re buying directly from the manufacturer. The Planet Positive choices you make won’t leave you out of pocket!

But wait, there’s more:

  • You’ll get access to exclusive hot deals, products and bundles – giving you the opportunity to save even more money
  • Priority despatch for your orders, club members go to the top of the pile!

Planet Points

Once you’re a Club member you’ll start earning even more Planet Points every time you buy a Planet Positive product.

They’re our way of helping you get even more value from your Home Club membership: Put them towards your next Regular Reliable Delivery, that new kitchen tap you’ve had your eye on, or even save for an electric scooter…the choice is yours.

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Save money – and the planet!

Everything you need in one place.

We’ve handpicked hundreds of everyday – and fun – eco products: from compostable bin bags, eco toilet rolls, LED Lighting, through to electric scooters.

Proven products, trusted brands, best value & advice.

With so many eco products available, it can be hard to know which ones to choose. We make it easy – all of our products are tried and tested by the team. We stay ahead of the curve so you don’t have to.

Better for the Planet

The world of sustainability is constantly evolving. We stay ahead of the curve, putting understanding and reducing carbon usage high on our agenda. Acting now to reduce your carbon footprint will help to combat climate change and build a better future for everyone.

With our Home Club you will:

  • Reduce your energy, water, and waste
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • AND save money

The best part is that you don’t have to compromise on quality or experience when making these changes; we help to make these transitions easy.

Never stop learning

We’re really proud of our commitment to help you Learn&Save – each month we share exclusive step-by-step guides and hot green deals where you, as a Home Club member, save even more.

We cover everything – from DIY to crafting and eco experiments, we’ve got you covered.

Your Home Club Impact Statement

*Coming soon* Your Impact Statement is powered by our incredible technology platform – it documents the savings your Planet Positive purchases make and gives you the low down on the savings you’ve made across energy, water, carbon & plastic usage.

And even better, if you’re joining with friends, family or people from work, we can set you up with a Tribe so you can see how you’re all doing as a collective!

Brilliant, isn’t it? (Yes, it’s all GDPR compliant. No, you can’t see how much loo roll Uncle Norman / the CFO has bought.)

3 reasons to join the Club and start making a difference at home

Unbeatable pricing

It’s as if you’re buying directly from the manufacturer!*

Help save
the planet

Choose easy swaps to reduce your waste & carbon footprint

Exclusive content
products & offers

So many benefits for less than the cost of a takeaway coffee

Enjoy our Club benefits for a low monthly fee

Choose your payment cycle:

  • 12 month subscription
  • 12 month subscription
  • 2 Months free!
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Per month

(Inc. VAT, billed monthly)

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(Inc. VAT, billed yearly)

Unbeatable pricing, guaranteed on products for the Home and much more

The very best prices for the brands and products you already buy online. Our Club Price Promise means that if a Club member finds it cheaper, we’ll refund the difference.


Unbeatable prices on products for Small Businesses & the Trade

Get unbeatable pricing, guaranteed on the brands and products you already buy for your business and customers. Our Club Price Promise means that if a Club member finds it cheaper, we’ll refund the difference. It’s as if you’re buying directly from the manufacturer!


Earn as you spend with Planet Points

As a Club member you will now earn 2 Planet Points for every £1 spent. Use your Planet Points however you like - choose from our easy swaps or try something new, for free!


Priority order despatch

Priority picking and packing for our Club members means you get you order quicker.


Priority response to your enquiries

Club member support queries are usually answered on the same day.


Exclusive offers, products, and bundles

Receive early access to the latest products and limited-edition Club bundles. As a Club Member you will also receive our monthly Hot Deals, where you can save even more and earn bonus Planet Points.


Up to £1,000 Credit Account

Subject to approval trade and small business customers could get access to 30 days of free credit. Terms and conditions apply.


Dedicated Account Manager

Your dedicated customer Account Manager is your regular point-of-call should you need them.


Buying in bulk? Request a quote

When you’re buying in large quantities we can negotiate an even better price with our suppliers and pass the savings on.


Multiple delivery addresses? No problem

With multiple delivery address management your orders can be delivered to your customers directly to save you time.


Exclusive content and know-how guides

Personal access to our know-how guides, created by our carbon reduction experts.


Personalised Impact Statements

See how much water, energy, and carbon your choices are saving you - and the planet - over their lifetime.


Share your leads and earn commission

Spotted an opportunity to help your customers save money and cut carbon? Introduce us and you could earn commission.


Easy project reference coding

Add your project reference during checkout to be stored in the ‘My Account’ section.


Easy invoice management

Download VAT invoices directly from your account.

Coming soon at no extra cost!

Personalised Impact Statements

See how much water, energy, and carbon your choices are saving you - and the planet - over their lifetime.


Club & Planet Points FAQs

Can I buy Club for Home membership as a gift?

Absolutely, learn about buying Club for Home as a gift here.

Unbeatable pricing, guaranteed? Tell me more...

Our Club Price Promise means that if a Club member finds it cheaper, we’ll refund the difference. It’s as if you’re buying directly from the manufacturer! Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Can I get access to the unbeatable pricing before committing to a membership?

Discounted pricing is only accessible once you are a member. Our unbeatable pricing guarantee really does hold up so you can try us out with confidence - in fact most of our Club members save more than the cost of their annual membership with their first purchase!

How often do the product prices change?

Our pricing changes dynamically. We continually monitor competitor pricing to ensure our customers are getting the best deals possible. We want a long term relationship with you - so if we're able to negotiate a better buy price from our suppliers, we'll pass these savings onto you. We also have Hot Green Deals each month - keep an eye out for the emails with details and follow our social channels because they'll be sold on a first come, first served basis!

How do I pay for the membership?

You can choose to make a single payment 'up front' and pay for 10 months instead of 12. If you prefer to pay monthly, that's fine too. We'll process that for you automatically each month.

Can I cancel my membership?

Your initial membership lasts for a period of 12 months. Once 12 months has elapsed you can cancel the contract with 30 days’ notice.

How long does the membership last?

The membership is for an initial 12 months. After this time the membership changes to a monthly rolling contract.

My membership has expired can I still log in to get invoices and view my purchase history?

Absolutely. The only difference once your membership expires is that you will miss out on the amazing benefits of the Club. You can still purchase products from our website at the standard prices.

Do both Home & Trade Club members get Planet Points?

Yup! Both Home Club and Trade Club members earn Planet Points each time they make a Planet Positive purchase. For every £1 you spend, you will earn 2 Planet Points.

Is there any way that I can earn more Planet Points?

Funny you should ask. Make sure you follow us on all our social channels and open our emails because we'll be regularly sharing some incredible hot deals where you'll earn waaaaaay more than the cost of the hot deal you buy.

How do I spend my points?

You'll be able to see how many points you've accrued each time you put an order in. You get to decide if you want to use the points or save them up for something bigger. It's entirely up to you.

When do my points get added?

Your Planet Points are applied to your point balance once your order has been marked as Completed, which means it has been despatched. You can keep track of this by visiting My Recent Orders.

Do my points expire?

Your Planet Points exist whilst your membership is active. If your membership expires, so do your points.

What happens if I return a product?

When you return a product, we'll deduct the points you earned on that product from your account. Don't worry if you return a product that you paid for using points, whatever points you used to pay with originally, will be returned to your account. We've got you covered.

*For full terms and conditions around the Club Price Promise please click here.



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