Interact Pro is the game-changing lighting technology for SMEs

Interact Pro is game-changing technology for businesses that want to cut costs and have full control over lighting.

It’s an innovative, multitasking smart-lighting system that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can harness to manage their lighting better.

Interact Pro is a combination of smart lighting and an intuitive app and dashboard from Signify that gives SMEs power to manage their lighting, enables them to reduce energy costs and work smarter, improving productivity and well-being of employees.

According to a report by Lighting Europe, we spend up to 90% of our lives in buildings so how these spaces are lit is crucially important. Until now, it has been a challenge for SMEs in particular to provide the most effective and sensitive lighting.


Cloud-connected system

With Interact Pro an SME can control Interact Ready lamps, luminaires, and sensors from Philips. It’s designed for commercial spaces like offices up to 1,000m2 and as large as 10,000m2 in industrial settings.

You can connect and manage up to 200 light points through the cloud-connected system that has a web portal, gateway, dashboard and app.

With full control, you can customise your business lighting, for example scheduling separate groups of lights switch on at scheduled times or dimming individual lights around an employee’s workspace.

Interact Pro sensors trigger lights to switch on when a person enters a room then dims them when they leave, reducing energy consumption and cutting costs. The sensors continually monitor daylight levels and make adjustments to maximise energy efficiency.

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Great working environment

You decide as a business who will be able to use the Interact Pro app as well as levels of access. It’s a responsive way to help create a great working environment that attracts and retains the top talent.

For example, it is possible for employees to select the light best suited to the tasks they are carrying out as well as time of day.

The Interact Pro technology built into each Interact Ready light and that means installation is similar to installing a conventional lamp.

The system is enabled by the Zigbee 3.0 open global wireless standard, installation is quicker than with traditional wired lighting systems. There’s no need for additional cabling with Interact Pro as the gateway hub simply connects through a wireless signal to one light, which then connects to another light and so on in a secure wireless mesh.

Lighting scenes

With the app and dashboard, SMEs can select and control groups and zones as well as creating lighting scenes for activities like presentations.

Interact Pro is also an excellent management and maintenance facility, and you can monitor energy consumption, even down to a specific light while being notified of any faults, have full remote control of any lighting and set up new groups and zones.

What’s more, the Interact Internet of Things (IoT) platform provides push notifications and security updates, which means that the system is automatically always up-to-date.

Interact Pro is a smart system that intelligently provides businesses with increased lighting data to help them make more productive decisions while improving the workplace environment for employees.

It also helps to reinforce corporate and social responsibility strategies with more informed decisions on how to manage energy consumption and meet sustainability targets.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon have completed all the training required to install Interact Pro to the highest level and we’re are proud to be an Interact Pro Approved Installer.

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