How to use EcoDrops and do they really work?

I’ve wanted to try Ocean Saver EcoDrops for months and I’ve finally got my hands on some. I’d already heard amazing things so I had high expectations for this magical formula. Did it live up to them? Let’s find out!

What are EcoDrops?

OceanSaver EcoDrops are concentrated cleaning solutions. Regular cleaning sprays are 90% water and 10% solution so rather than shipping lorries of water around the country, OceanSaver just deliver the 10% that you really need, to save on carbon emissions. All you have to do is add water from your tap.

Better yet, when you’re done, all you have to do is buy the refills rather than a whole new bottle, saving you 25 plastic cleaning trigger bottles a year. Think about it, as only 9% of what you put in the recycling bin is actually recycled, most of the cleaning bottles you’ve ever used are probably sitting in landfill.

OceanSaver have specifically designed their products to help you reuse your empty trigger spray bottles which saves on energy and carbon which would have been used for collecting, recycling, refilling and redistributing a pre-filled trigger spray.

OceanSaver ecodrop 1

They’re also:

  • Cruelty free
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Plant based
  • Non-toxic
  • Vegan
  • Palm oil free
  • Paraben free

How to use EcoDrops

Simply drop, shake and clean – it’s as easy as that! Pop your EcoDrop into a 750ml bottle, add water, shake it until it has dissolved and then it’s ready to use.

You can either use a bottle for life or just wash out an empty trigger spray bottle and use exactly the same.

The EcoDrop is made from a water soluble material wrapped in 100% biodegradable film (PVOH) which completely dissolves into water without leaving behind any microplastics.

At first, it doesn’t look like it’s going to dissolve so I was rather sceptical but after a few shakes, it starts to crumble. It was really satisfying to watch the film slowly break down. My favourite was the OceanSaver All Purpose Floor Cleaner EcoDrop in Rhubarb Coral because it turned a beautiful shade of pink – and it already smelt heavenly.

Check out the video below of how I got on using my OceanSaver Starter Kit Anti-Bac in Ocean Mist.

YouTube video

How did I get on?

We believe in making sustainable living easy, which is what EcoDrops are all about. It only took a few moments to shake the solution but I will save tons of carbon emissions and plastic bottles!

In the kitchen

In the video I had just made a vegetarian chilli for my family and clearly, I’m a messy cook. As you can see, the Anti-Bac spray in Ocean Mist worked just as well as a supermarket brand anti-bac spray.

The best bit is the scent, because you can tell it’s clean and fresh but it’s not heaped with chemicals, which is really important to me. I make a conscious effort to only put things in my body, on my skin and in my home that are as natural as possible, so EcoDrops couldn’t get much closer to my values.

In the bathroom

I share it with my teenage brother so as you can imagine, it’s not always sparkling clean.

I popped the OceanSaver EcoDrop Bathroom Cleaner in Pomegranate Tide into an empty trigger spray bottle and got to work on the sink. I actually think that the EcoDrop worked better than my usual supermarket spray: it got rid of all the limescale and dirt. And it smelt even better than Ocean Mist!

In the box comes a sticker that you can pop onto your reused trigger spray bottle so you won’t forget what’s in it. I’m currently imagining how satisfying and colourful my cleaning cupboard is going to be once I’ve tried all of the EcoDrops.

OceanSaver ecodrop 2

On the floor

There are two ways to use the OceanSaver EcoDrop All Purpose Floor Cleaner: either dilute it as usual into a trigger spray bottle, spray on the floor and mop as normal or dilute into a bucket filled with 750ml of water and mop. However, this does mean it’s a single-use pod so it depends how much mopping you need to do.

For me, I diluted it as normal into an empty trigger spray bottle and, you guessed it, the Rhubarb Coral smelt even better. Again, it worked just as well as a supermarket cleaning spray but knowing I was using something eco-friendly made the experience so much better.

I felt as though I was making a positive difference even through something as mundane as cleaning. But that’s the fantastic thing about sustainable living – you don’t need to move mountains to live a zero-waste lifestyle, you just need a few small products to make a big difference.

Were they worth the price?

First, let’s do a price comparison.

Tesco Antibacterial Multi-Purpose Spray – £0.80

EcoDrop Refills – £1.50

Cif Anti-bac & Multi-Purpose Spray – £2.00

Dettol Antibacterial Spray – £3.00

Method Antibacterial All-Purpose Cleaner – £3.00

OceanSaver ecodrop 3

In terms of price, EcoDrops are the second cheapest in comparison to some of the leading cleaning brands, but it works just as well (if not better) as the most expensive products. And most importantly, it does all of that without harming the planet.

I can’t believe I didn’t make the switch sooner

I’m a total EcoDrop convert. But don’t just take my word for it, why not try our Eco-Cleaning Whizz Box to see how the drops can bring some eco-friendly cleaning magic to your home.

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