Why OceanSaver?

Just like SaveMoneyCutCarbon, OceanSaver focus their brand on re-educating and encouraging everyone to play their part in making small sustainable choices that make a big difference.

Traditional home cleaners generate more than 29 billion plastic containers each year, and are made up of almost 90% water. OceanSaver created their award-winning EcoDrops as a complete replacement for these traditional cleaners, to drastically reduce plastic and carbon emissions associated with traditional plastic bottled cleaning products.

Instead of selling and shipping a product that’s 90% water to you, OceanSaver EcoDrops provide you with a concentrated cleaner in a pod that you can then dissolve in water at home.

This helps to drastically reduce emissions associated with shipping and means that you’re saving money too – as you’re not buying water!

Small & powerful, eco-friendly cleaning sensations

OceanSaver’s products are good for the environment and your home, as they are 100% biodegradable, plant based, non-toxic and cruelty free, as well as completely pet safe.

Each EcoDrop is a concentrated cleaner that you simply mix with water. They are designed so that you never have to buy cleaners in plastic bottles again – simply reuse a bottle you have, or purchase their fully recyclable Bottles for Life which – you guessed it – will last a lifetime.

With an EcoDrop as your companion, you can be rest assured that your home will be sparkling clean, with drastically less waste!

Learn&Save: How can you clean eco-friendly?

Being eco-friendly is just a natural way of feeling good and the push-back against plastic pollution from our homes is a big part of that.

It’s shocking to know that a plastic bottle can last for 450 years in our oceans, and this will break up into ever smaller bits that never degrade completely, so every single piece of plastic ever made is still with us.

Here’s some sustainable ways you can switch up your cleaning routine.

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