Act now to avoid £50,000 fine for non-compliance on ESOS

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is in Phase 2 with the threat of £50,000 fines for non-compliance so it’s time to act now.

The Environment Agency advises that hundreds of organisations will be hit with large fines as they failed to comply with Phase 1 of the mandatory ESOS scheme. The agency says that 40% of organisations were non-compliant after the Phase 1 deadline.

ESOS applies to large organisations for which one or more of the following criteria apply:

  • Employ 250 or more people
  • Has an annual turnover in excess of €50M (£38,937,777) and a balance sheet total in excess of €43M (£33,486,489)
  • It is part of a group of UK organisations that includes at least one eligible organisation.

The second phase of the ESOS is now underway. A newsletter has been sent out by the Environment Agency and it has issued more than 300 enforcement notes to non-complaint organisations, with around 200 more that face penalties.

The deadline for ESOS Phase 2 is 5th December 2019.

ESOS requires all large businesses to produce reports on the amount of energy use and efficiency every four years. Organisations that fail to complete the ESOS audit can be fined up to £50,000 and £500 a day until they have done so.

We can help companies to complete an ESOS assessment, as part of our Savings Opportunities Report Tool (SORT). The audit will involve looking at how the business uses energy, including how energy is consumed in buildings, transport and industrial operations based on an analysis of energy data and site survey.

With this completed, organisations can then notify the Environment Agency by the deadline that they have complied with their ESOS obligations.

Call our expert team to arrange an audit or for more advice on 0333 123 5464.

The Environment Agency advises companies to:

  • Carry out ESOS energy audits for the utility supplies that will be included in the Significant Energy Consumption.
  • The audits need to have at least one year’s energy measurement, but this can be from any time between 6 December 2014 and 5 December 2019.
  • The audit can use data that has been collected at any time during this period provided that the audit itself is carried out no later than 24 months after the data period and the data has not already been used for an audit in Phase 1.
  • Different energy streams can be audited at different times so the workload can be spread better to suit business needs.

Key reasons to audit for ESOS now:

  • Ensure compliance
  • Quality Lead Assessors in short supply
  • Avoid big fines
  • Gain competitive advantage with energy savings
  • Cut overheads

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