Grohe shower spray patterns to match every mood

Grohe is setting new standards in shower experience as a global leader in bathroom and kitchen fittings.

Our bathrooms are a space where we can escape from the tensions of everyday life and give ourselves a little tender care and attention – and our choice of shower spray pattern is an important part of the healing ritual. With Grohe shower patterns, there is quality and variety, for every need and desire.

Every Grohe shower features DreamSpray technology to ensure finest quality with innovation that provides an unparalleled showering experience. The advanced shower engines inside the shower head deliver maximum precision and consistent water distribution to each individual nozzle.

What sets Grohe showers apart from competitors is the exceptional quality, precision and number of internal parts in every model. The perfect combination of quality and innovation creates optimal water distribution for an unparalleled showering experience.

As water technology experts, Grohe has a mission to create superior showers with outstanding features, so that whatever spray pattern is selected, it will match your mood every time you step under the shower, guaranteeing an exhilarating experience.

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Rain Spray

The Rain Spray is luxurious and wide with a soft, delicate pattern to soothe the skin. It’s like summer rain and delivers full and even coverage that is as calming and guaranteed to wash away stress leaving you refreshed and relaxed.

Rain O2 Spray

The Rain O2 Spray pattern is a soft, smooth spray based on the Rain spray. Using innovative technology, air is drawn into the spray face and mixed with the water to ensure each water drop is fuller. The result is a wonderfully soft and smooth spray, perfect for total relaxation.

SmartRain Spray

SmartRain Spray has all the features and benefits of Rain spray but with a reduced flow. A smart pattern uses less water to deliver full showering enjoyment. This impressive performance is achieved the innovative SprayDimmer or the GROHE EcoButton that delivers maximum showering enjoyment without wasting a drop of water.


Jet Spray

This is a concentrated circular spray, which provides a refreshing burst of water so it’s perfect for those moments only the most energising shower will hit the spot. The spray is focused into a powerful jet that stimulates the skin and relaxes muscles after sports. It’s also great for cleaning the bathtub or shower.

Massage Spray

The Grohe Massage Spray has a pulsating pattern for a stimulating massage. The powerful spray is the perfect choice for a unique and invigorating all-over massage.

Normal Spray

This is a perfect general spray pattern with a refreshing and relaxing effect. Its universal appeal makes it the perfect all-rounder for washing hair and body. Designed to have a universal appeal, it has a well-earned reputation for quality and consistency.

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