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GROHE is a unique brand, globally respected for its trend-setting sanitary products and systems. As the world’s leading provider in the sector, the values of quality, design and sustainability are at the heart of the company.

Its message, “Pure Freude an Wasser”, might be difficult to pronounce but the meaning is crystal clear – GROHE products ensure perfect water delivery, designed with style in Germany. It has three production plants in Germany as well as further plants, including Portugal, Thailand and South-Africa.

GROHE kitchen taps, bathroom taps, showers and toilets can be found in some of the most iconic buildings around the world, from top hotels and resorts to historic buildings while being a top choice in the home.

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Sets the Standard

GROHE has designed and produced many award-winning and innovative bathroom and kitchen fittings, each one a product of the expert craftsmanship of the company’s specialist teams.

The attention to detail at all stages, from design to casting, electroplating, assembling, sanding and finishing, means that GROHE products have a quality that lasts a lifetime.

GROHE sets the standard for quality, technology, design and sustainability and these brand values underpin a commitment to making the exceptional. You feel the difference each time you turn on a GROHE tap mixer or step into a GROHE shower.

Water Saving Products

GROHE’s innovative water-saving products mean that taking responsibility for precious water resources is also invigorating. For example, GROHE EcoJoy technology saves up to 68 percent of water used without compromising experience.

Simple and effective reductions in water and energy consumption combine with convenience and attractive design and GROHE’s WaterCare promise underlines the company’s commitment to working in partnership with customers to ensure the future of this most precious resource.

Best Technology

GROHE’S products feature a range of the best technology. For example, EcoJoy hand showers have an integrated flow limiter, an Eco button or spray dimmer for complete control over water flow.

In the kitchen, GROHE Red technology means you need less energy at the end of the day than when you heat water conventionally while using GROHE Blue means you can choose cool, still or sparkling table water whenever, no need for plastic bottles and shopping trips.

Sustainable production

Grohe and Sustainability

Sustainable production is the company standard and all GROHE production facilities adhere to exacting environmental management processes while safeguarding health and safety of employees.

GROHE is committed to ensuring that the manufacturing facilities make world-leading products with maximum energy efficiency and as sustainably as possible. This means a continual focus on improving work practices and production processes.

The company is at the forefront of best practice in the sanitary industry, combining centrally created organisational guidelines with strict adherence to local regulations, verified through regular internal and external audits.

Fully Compliant

GROHE has long held ISO 14001 certification in all central facilities and production sites in Europe as well as Thailand and the company’s quality management system has been fully compliant with ISO 9001 for nearly 25 years.

The production sites in Germany, Portugal and Thailand have passed stringent tests for OHSAS 18001:2007, the global standard for occupational health and safety management systems.

Manufacturing Processes

Energy Efficiency

In manufacturing processes, GROHE focuses intensely on energy and resource efficiency, waste avoidance and high recycling rates, low water consumption and climate protection.

For example, it fully measures carbon footprint in production, logistics and distribution, working to minimise environmental impacts through energy efficiency and recycles scrap and waste plastic.

In procurement, all suppliers and service providers are required to follow the GROHE Code of Conduct, leading standards on environmental protection as well as health and safety.

Commitment to the Planet

GROHE continually emphasises its commitment to the planet’s precious water resource with the most exacting controls on pollution, both in Germany and at its production facilities around the globe to avoid any contamination.

The company was placed in the top three of Germany’s most sustainable major companies of 2015 and has won 240 design and innovation awards in the past decade.

Masters of Technology

GROHE believes that the best design perfectly blends form and function – simply looking good is not enough.

The company’s uncompromising commitment to quality at every stage has been recognised countless times, including 27 Red Dot awards, including four ‘best of the best’ accolades from the leading design award panel.

GROHE’s inspiring design ethos has also seen it rise 104 places in the iF design award company rankings at the same time as it has reshaped company culture to further the delivery of value and sustainable, lifetime quality.

Quality Control

Each GROHE product goes through extensive testing with every component thoroughly checked for not only ease of operation and appearance but also the toughest endurance tests in the sector.

All components undergo the simulated effects of 20 years’ daily use, especially in hard water conditions. This ensures that GROHE quality extends normal life cycle and if a product is discontinued, replacement parts will be available for a minimum of ten years.

Continual innovations, world-leading design and award-winning fittings mean that GROHE’s team members are seen as Masters of Technology.

Outstanding Products

They are the leaders in the company’s restless quest for outstanding products, applying their advanced craftsmanship and working effectively together to fine-tune every stage of the design and manufacturing process.

GROHE products delight and surprise with timeless design and enduring quality, from the quietest cisterns to smart thermostats, safe-temperature taps, cutting-edge showers and much more.

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