About Grohe

GROHE is a unique brand, globally respected for its trend-setting sanitary products and systems. As the world’s leading provider in the sector, the values of quality, design and sustainability are at the heart of the company.

Its message, “Pure Freude an Wasser”, might be difficult to pronounce but the meaning is crystal clear – GROHE products ensure perfect water delivery, designed with style in Germany. It has three production plants in Germany as well as further plants, including Portugal, Thailand and South-Africa.

GROHE kitchen taps, bathroom taps, showers and toilets can be found in some of the most iconic buildings around the world, from top hotels and resorts to historic buildings while being a top choice in the home.

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Sets the Standard

GROHE has designed and produced many award-winning and innovative bathroom and kitchen fittings, each one a product of the expert craftsmanship of the company’s specialist teams.

The attention to detail at all stages, from design to casting, electroplating, assembling, sanding and finishing, means that GROHE products have a quality that lasts a lifetime.

GROHE sets the standard for quality, technology, design and sustainability and these brand values underpin a commitment to making the exceptional. You feel the difference each time you turn on a GROHE tap mixer or step into a GROHE shower.

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GROHE’s ethos has been centred around their slogan, the pure enjoyment of water, for decades. This ethos is reinforced by their sustainability goals and achievements – so that the enjoyment of water doesn’t cost the planet.

GROHE has increased its energy efficiency by 24% and reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by around 40% since the introduction of its sustainability programme in 2014. In July 2019, all five production plants worldwide as well as the logistics centers in Germany were converted to run on green electricity.

They have also achieved carbon neutral production as of April 2020, with further goals to achieve carbon neutral sales offices by the end of 2021.

Fully Compliant

GROHE has long held ISO 14001 certification in all central facilities and production sites in Europe as well as Thailand and the company’s quality management system has been fully compliant with ISO 9001 for nearly 25 years.

The production sites in Germany, Portugal and Thailand have passed stringent tests for OHSAS 18001:2007, the global standard for occupational health and safety management systems.

Saving Water

Water can often be overlooked when trying to save resources and money. GROHE aims to provide the greatest water experience possible, whilst reducing consumption to better preserve our resources.

Their innovative EcoJoy technology does just that. Whether it be a tap or a shower, this feature will reduce the amount of water used in each product by up to 50%, while still providing the same level of performance.

The ultimate win-win, saving you money and helping the planet.

Manufacturing Processes

Energy Efficiency

In manufacturing processes, GROHE focuses intensely on energy and resource efficiency, waste avoidance and high recycling rates, low water consumption and climate protection.

They fully measure their carbon footprint in production, logistics and distribution, working to minimise environmental impacts through energy efficiency and recycles scrap and waste plastic.

In procurement, all suppliers and service providers are required to follow the GROHE Code of Conduct, leading standards on environmental protection as well as health and safety.

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Something people don’t know is that every single employee at GROHE experiences their plant in Hemer during their tenure, in order to fully understand the process their products go through.

This creates a culture of constant development. Fresh eyes see new opportunities to further improve products and processes, leading to a higher quality offering and constant reductions in emissions. Innovation at its finest.

This ethos has been utilised constantly since 1936, shaping GROHE into the industry leader it is today.

Quality Control

Each GROHE product goes through extensive testing with every component thoroughly checked for not only ease of operation and appearance but also the toughest endurance tests in the sector.

All components undergo the simulated effects of 20 years’ daily use, especially in hard water conditions. This ensures that product quality extends a normal lifecycle –  if a product is discontinued, replacement parts will be available for a minimum of ten years.

This further exemplifies their commitment to offering high quality, sustainable products for homes and businesses.


Award winning innovation

Constantly innovating, GROHE has championed new technologies designed to make life simpler, making your home or business safe and hygienic.

GROHE’s products feature a wide range of clever technologies designed to make your life easier, from infra-red basin mixers, shower thermostats, hands free tap alternatives, to anti-scalding technology and leak detection systems.

GROHE’s uncompromising commitment to quality at every stage has been recognised countless times, including 27 Red Dot awards, including four ‘best of the best’ accolades from the leading design award panel.

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