Changing your laundry routine – how did the SaveMoneyCutCarbon bloggers get on?

The SaveMoneyCutCarbon bloggers juggle family, work and social lives so are always looking for ways to be eco-friendly in the home and garden. They want products that are not just good for the planet but are easy to use. Read how they got on with the ecoegg products, and what they did to encourage their children to care about the environment.

The ecoegg is a game changer

Emma was so impressed with how the ecoegg cleaned not only her clothes but her two teenage boys’ clothes.

“The ecoegg along with the refills are a game changer. They last ages and the result is lovely fresh smelling laundry. I did have some reservations about whether the results would be as good as using traditional detergent but I need not have worried. I have a 17 year old, a 21 year old gym obsessive adult and various school uniforms and workwear but the ecoegg has handled it all.”

“The dryer balls made drying when using the tumble dryer so much quicker too and I like the fragrance sticks and can really smell them in the dry washing. I like to give towels a quick tumble to fluff them up and the dryer balls definitely achieved this.”

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ecoegg June blogger catch up

Removing stains, the natural way

Louise shares her top five natural stain removers that work alongside the ecoegg.

“We have been using the ecoegg products to wash and dry our clothes and have been so impressed! As part of their monthly club you get the best prices on a range of products.”

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Getting kids interested in gardening 

As a keen gardener Olly was impressed with how family-friendly the Seedboms were.

“If you’re a keen gardener like me, you’ll appreciate the relaxation and stress-relief that comes with not only growing plants, but also with sitting back and enjoying your handy work. My boys have always been interested in gardening, but their concentration spans don’t always stretch far enough to the less exciting parts like weeding and maintenance. Enter to the sustainable living area the wonderful innovation that are Seedboms.”

“My boys loved reading which seeds were included within the biodegradable “bomb” and were especially keen to try out the Seedbom Pollinator Beebom. We have a small courtyard area that we’ve already been planting up with lavender, salvia, penstemon and all manner of insect attracting flowers.”

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savvydad seedbom lifestyle

Reduce your carbon footprint by growing your own

Emma explains how rewarding growing your own fruit and vegetables is and how it’s better for the planet.

“Growing your own is a really great step in sustainability as it means you will be avoiding plastic waste from the supermarkets, you will be growing what is in season so reducing your carbon footprint (many of our fruit and veg found in the shops is flown over to the UK), you will be reducing food waste as you will grow what you need and can freeze what you don’t use plus it helps to create a little eco-system within your garden.”

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reed fothergill seed herbs

Save time and money on drying your clothes

With three children, Claire goes through a load of washing and in the colder wetter months a lot of drying. She was pleasantly surprised by how much time was saved drying her clothes by using the ecoegg dryer eggs.

“When I have multiple loads to get washed and dried and the weather isn’t suitable for line drying, these eggs are going to be a complete game-changer. I’ve already tried them out on a wet day, and I was really surprised by how quickly the load was dry. Not only that, but the washing came out smelling lovely too.”

“So not only are these great for the environment, but they’re also a great hack for busy mums who don’t have time for the tumble dryer to take hours, and they’ll save you a fortune on your energy bills too!”

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mymoneycottage ecoegg dryer egg

Encouraging kids to help the environment

Becky loved that the products we sent to her were great to help encourage her kids to protect the environment.

“We planted a bunch of herb seeds together, which Thea in particular loved. So far, only the Thyme has come up. I fear they were victims of a massive rainstorm we had last week. However, that is quite a good way to show the girls how hard it is to grow food. It shows we should do as much as we can to avoid food waste.”

“My daughters Ava and Thea loved planting the Kabloom SeedBoms. Just shake them up, soak in water and tear apart over the place you’re planting them. Our seeds started growing in under a week. We can’t wait until they start blooming and attracting more bees, butterflies and birds to our garden.”

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pinkscharming seedbom

More savings with ecoeggs

Jordon was impressed with the savings he made using the laundry ecoeggs.

“Matched up against normal detergent, the ecoeggs cost around 14p for each wash – whereas the biggest pack of Persil liquid laundry detergent (57 washes) costs around 12p per wash, so there isn’t much in it. But the refills are where the savings come in at £4.50 for 50 washes (10p per wash).”

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Reducing plastic waste in your laundry

Tammy gets us thinking about how much plastic waste there is in traditional laundry detergents and how ecoeggs are a much eco-friendlier alternative.

“Normally laundry products come bundled up in plastic bottles or tubs. You have at least two depending on your laundry liquid and the fabric softener you use. That means you are throwing away up to 40 plastic containers every year! That’s quite a number, even if you’re recycling those it’s still 40 new plastics created every year just to hold your laundry products. The ecoegg Laundry Egg refills come in 100% recyclable, features vegetable-based inks for all the image and writing on the packaging and it has been FSC certified.”

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us two plus you ecoegg lifestyle

Detox your washing machine

Ricky and Naomi reminded us that the machine that cleans are clothes also needs a clean every now and then.

“One thing that’s also important when doing laundry is to keep your actual washing machine clean. By looking after it on the inside, you will prolong the life of your appliance saving you money in the long term. Using ecoegg washing machine detox tablets, you can remove bad odours and build up, allowing your machine to run more efficiently.”

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Why not try out these products for yourselves see how much you could save on your laundry. If you want to save even more join Home Club for a discounted price. A minute to join, a lifetime of impact. Our bloggers are in, we’re in, are you?

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