Are you making the most of your solar investment?

A solar PV array is a safe investment, we know to a good degree of accuracy how much solar energy will fall and therefore how much you can generate.  Systems will generate with minimal effort or interaction with the equipment and with few moving parts, there is very little to go wrong.

Most solar pv arrays installed within the UK at this time were installed under the Government’s Feed In Tariff scheme (FiT) that paid owners for the energy generated.  Leading to many of us judging our array performance on the size of the cheque we get from our energy supplier, but could we be doing more?

Solar PV Servicing

We typically wouldn’t consider investing a significant sum of money in a new car and then drive it for twenty years without servicing it occasionally and so your solar PV array can also benefit from a timely tune up.

Whilst solar panels will likely generate electricity in excess of 30 years, they can degrade.  Dust and dirt from the weather can build up over time, reducing the amount of energy they can absorb from the sun and reducing the amount of energy generated.

Birds can play havoc with solar arrays and mess from birds can also have a dramatic effect on how much energy you generate.

Your solar PV panels may not need cleaning every year, but it is worth taking the time to check occasionally and if they don’t look clear it could be costing you and may be time to have them professionally cleaned.

Remote Monitoring

SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s solar PV arrays are always provided with a remote monitoring facility, whether it is connected through your existing WiFi or a SIM card connection to the mobile phone network.

We can monitor your solar PV array through the inverter, comparing the data with expectations to ensure that your array is performing in line with the original estimate.

Older arrays do not always have this facility and it can be a time-consuming task to climb into the loft or plant room to look at the LCD screen on the front of the unit.

A remote monitoring system can be retrofitted to almost all existing solar PV arrays to give you an early warning if something is going wrong.

Error codes can be read remotely, often allowing our in-house team to diagnose a problem before we pay you a visit.

Are you exporting too much?

Whilst the feed in tariff was being paid, installers did not always calculate the most effective size of solar PV array for your needs.  You could be exporting more energy to the grid than is necessary, reducing the value of your investment.

Even a well installed 3kW solar PV array on South facing residential roof could be exporting over 50% of the energy generated.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon have a range of smart technology that can help to make the most if the energy you generate.  From smart plugs, allowing you to control household devices, to solar immersion heater controllers and heat batteries to allow you to heat your home or business with excess energy from your solar PV array. Battery storage could allow you to extract every kWh from your investment.

Speak to our inhouse team to find out how you could benefit from smart technology.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon improving your generation investment

Whether your solar array needs cleaning, or you would like to talk about smart technology or storage, our in-house team of experts can help you to maximise the profit you can make from your green investment.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon can help you with:

  • Maintenance and servicing
  • Solar Panel cleaning
  • Fault diagnosis and repair
  • FiT verification
  • Performance assessment
  • System extensions
  • Battery storage and smart technology
  • Remote monitoring


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