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Solar PV Helps businesses reduce electricity demand from the Grid, saves money, reduces carbon emissions and provides a visible statement of your commitment to fighting climate change.

Each hour, 430 quintillion Joules of energy from the sun, hits the Earth – that’s 430 with 18 zeros after it!

To put this into perspective it is estimated that the total amount of energy used by all humans in one year is 410 quintillion Joules – the sun is our most powerful energy source.

The savings from solar will depend on where in the country your business is and how much electricity you consume during the day. A well-designed solar array could generate 1,000kWhrs of energy per year for every 1kW of solar modules installed, which can offset as much as 2.79 tonnes of CO2.

Key Benefits to your Business

  • Save Money

Generate free, clean electricity to be used onsite during daylight hours – saving thousands of pounds in electricity bills every year.

  • Cut Carbon

Generate clean, renewable energy from the sun. Reducing demand from the electricity grid reduces the amount of greenhouse gas produced through conventional coal or gas-fired power stations.

  • Enhance your Green Credentials and achieve your CSR Targets

A clear and visible statement of your commitment to saving the environment.

  • Energy Security

Help cushion your business from future energy price increases – protecting your operating profit.

Sectors that can Benefit from Solar PV Installation

Solar PV has the potential to reduce electricity consumption and reduce carbon emissions in almost every sector of UK business.


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Public Sector

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