Government funds £9m ‘try before you buy’ EV scheme

Local authorities can now get over £9 million in government cash to encourage...

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Construction sector is a key player in the move to electric vehicles

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Business costs of electric car charging points

A business focus on EV charging is in response to the rapid growth...

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ABB has chosen SaveMoneyCutCarbon as its first UK distributor for AC EV Charging points

ABB has chosen to partner with leading sustainability platform SaveMoneyCutCarbon to distribute its...

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Charge point market for EVs set to grow 29% a year

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EV charge points need to match the growth in EV car sales

Rapid EV growth clearly points to the urgent need to expand the number...

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2020 – The year of the electric car

Car manufacturers are responding to market demand and new regulations in the race...

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Myth Busting & FAQs

On the fence about purchasing an EV? Read our FAQs to see why...

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Up to £15,000 funding for businesses to install EV charge points

Businesses in West Suffolk are being helped to claim up to £15,000 to...

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Pressure for more chargers with 1m EV cars to be sold next year in EU

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