How much electricity does a PS4 use?

How much does your gaming hobby cost you? With latest generation gaming consoles...

Cut consumption at homeHomesTop tips to cut costs

Traditional toilets are costing your business money

Commercial washrooms differ in design, shape and size but they generally have one...

Bars & RestaurantsBuildingsCare Homes

Boost for solar powered homes with Smart Export Guarantee launch

Cut consumption at homeCut consumption at workSustainability

6 things to consider when refurbishing a bathroom

Cut consumption at homeHomesTop tips to cut costs

Offices can reduce heating costs by a third with smart radiator controls

Office-based businesses of all sizes can reduce their annual heating bills by up...

Cut consumption at workOffices

Smart meters – are they a money wasting con?

As Npower cuts up to 4,500 jobs in an effort to become “more...

Cut consumption at homeSustainabilityTop tips to cut costs

Save hundreds of pounds on home heating bills with smart radiator controls

Radbot is a smart radiator controller that monitors how you use rooms and...

Cut consumption at homeTop tips to cut costs

IoT takes lighting beyond illumination for the ‘connected office’

Cut consumption at workOfficesRetail

What are tap aerators and how do they work?

Tap aerators are a brilliantly simple, effective and low-cost way to cut water...

Cut consumption at homeWater Saving Hub

Reduce heating costs in care homes and hospitals by up to 30% with smart controls

Care homes and hospitals can cut up to 30% a year from heating...

Care HomesHospitalsTop tips to cut costs



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