How to make your own draught excluder cushion

You will need:

  • A long piece of strong fabric or material.
  • Filler – use old soft toy stuffing, foam, plastic bags or sheeting, old clothes, socks, and tights. Add dry beans, rice, lentils for weight.
  • A tape measure and some sharp scissors.
  • Tassels, buttons, or sequins for decoration.
  • Sewing machine or a needle and thread – or SewFree strips.

Top Tip:

Try and find fabrics and filling items you can reuse around the house! Repurposing is a great way of reducing waste.


Step 1

Measure the door where you want your draught excluder to go. You’ll need to make your cushion a little bit longer than the width of the door – a good rule of thumb is 4cm.

Step 2

Measure on your fabric and double the depth you’d like it. Cut it out and give it a good iron to make sure it’s flat.

Step 3

If you’re adding decorations like a trim, tassels, or buttons, position them where you want them on the fabric. Then sew them on.


Step 4

Time to sew! Keep your stitches about 1cm from the edge of the fabric. Leave an opening at one end so you can turn the material inside out, leaving the pattern on the outside.

Step 5

Stuff your cushion with your chosen filler items. Then stitch up the opening and hey presto – your cushion is complete!

Top Tip

Not a fan of sewing or craft projects? You can skip all that and use an old pair of trousers or a jumper. Use the arm or leg as your cushion, stuff and simply sew in the ends!


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