Swapping to Stasher bags – what do the SaveMoneyCutCarbon bloggers really think?

It’s no secret, here at SaveMoneyCutCarbon we are big fans of Stasher bags, all you have to do is peek in our kitchen and see it is full of Stasher bags filled with sandwiches, salads, pasta, even soup! But what are our SaveMoneyCutCarbon bloggers’ thoughts, and are they going to swap to Stasher bags?

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12 smart ways to use Stasher bags in the home

Emma from Emma’s Savvy Savings was amazed by the 12 different ways she used Stasher bags.

“On the beach – we all know that sand and damp affect our phones therefore the silicone bags are ideal for keeping our phone and keys safe at the beach.”

“Stasher made sure that they have the perfect bag for just about anything and come in five convenient sizes. In addition to the whole 3,000 uses thing, Stasher bags are durable in a way that the single-use plastic bags they’re replacing never even dreamed of.”

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Never lose a lid again

Ricky and Naomi were so excited to review the Stasher bags and to say goodbye to Tupperware and all the lost lids!

“The seal is strong, and they don’t leak, so it will protect your device from water… most importantly, you can still use the touch screen through the Stasher bag. FYI – the half gallon-sized bag fits an iPad.”

“Tupperware boxes seem like a great way to cut down on single-use plastic, but they come with their own drawbacks. I have boxes. I have lids. But for some reason, we don’t have lids and boxes that match!

This is where Stasher bags have been great. There are no lids, and the bags are self-sealing, making them really easy to use.

They take up less room than plastic boxes in the cupboard when they’re not in use and aren’t heavy in a lunch box.”

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Make your kitchen more planet friendly 

Louise has some great tips on making your kitchen more planet friendly.

“Another great eco-friendly product for food storage is the Stasher Bag range, available at SaveMoneyCutCarbon, an ingenious reusable product that comes in a variety of sizes for all sorts of food storage. The platinum silicone bags are completely non-toxic, made from medical grade silicone and can be reused endlessly.”

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Not just for food – a great sensory toy for babies 

Tammy’s youngest enjoyed testing out the half gallon Stasher bag.

“This bag has not been used for food in any way in our house, it can of course be used for food but we’ve had fun playing with this one instead. We first used it to create a water sensory bag for Avery to play with, we’ve all seen the Instagram posts with children playing with small toys, glitter and coloured water, if your attempt ever went anything like mine the whole house got covered in water! With the Pinch Lock Seal on Stasher Bags you can let your little one enjoy the fun of a sensory bag without fear of it popping.”

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From the freezer and minus temperatures to the oven of up to 200 degrees.

Jordon really put the Stasher bags to the test.

“The Stasher bags can be stored in both fridge and freezer. I kept some leftover fish fingers in the freeze with the bag, and it worked a treat. Meant I could throw out the extra packaging and make some extra space.”

“If you’re storing vegetables in a Stasher bag that need cooking, you can pop it straight in a pot of boiling water. The vegetables will cook without getting wet, as it’ll be sealed inside the Stasher bag.”

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Popcorn popped in a Stasher bag!

Becky made popcorn in a Stasher bag, great for snacking on the go.

“I made popcorn in the Stasher Bag with a flat bottom. As the popcorn kernels I buy are from our local cooperative, which uses biodegradable bio plastic bags, it involves minimal waste.”

“We go through periods of eating loads of bananas, and some where we don’t eat them and they get overripe. That’s when it’s time to make a banana cake. But sometimes I don’t have time, so I freeze the overripe bananas to defrost when I need them. This means my freezer has quite a few boxes with dead bananas in them, taking up lots of space. Now, however, I can freeze them in a Stasher bag, which takes up far less space. You can write on the bags with a white board pen. This means you can see at a glance what they hold.”

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Perfect for cooking in every single way

Claire was surprised by how versatile the bags were for cooking.

“I have used various different alternatives to cling film over the last few years, but I’ve often found that I’ve had to transfer food into different containers to cook in the oven, freeze or put into the microwave. I’ve never found a product that was suitable for pretty much every single way of cooking. But that’s what these bags offer.”

“I froze these leftover sausages using a Stasher bag, took them back out of the freezer a week or so later, allowed them to defrost in the bag and then placed the bag straight into the oven to heat them up again. This makes it really easy to store leftovers and limit the amount of food waste.”

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A new way to reduce kitchen waste 

Emma is always looking for new ways to reduce her kitchen waste, particularly to eliminate single-use food coverings and storage.

“We already use beeswax wraps which have been a great step towards banishing the clingfilm but sometimes you really need a sealed option that won’t let the air in and even though we try out best to reuse freezer bags, they still wear over time and need replacing. We needed a reusable and long-term solution. Stasher Bags provide that and I was sent a selection in this month’s SaveMoneyCutCarbon box to review.”

“The sandwich sized bag was ideal for popping some left over rice inside. It was mess-free, it kept it fresh for longer and prevented it from going to waste.”

“The Stasher Bag from SaveMoneyCutCarbon is handy, reliable, easy to use and a fantastic alternative to single-use items.”

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On the go snacking storage 

Savvy Dad used the Stasher bags on a camping trip and they came in handy.

“I recently used them on a mini-camping trip with my young sons (don’t worry, it was in the back garden of my dear parents) and the boys loved grabbing their individual picnic Stasher bags which worked well alongside some beeswax sandwich wraps we’re also trying out right now.”

“When empty, they folded down beautifully meaning we were not lugging about unwieldy boxes amidst all our camping gear. It also means they’re ideal for days out at the beach or when visiting your local National Trust where you want to avoid paying for expensive food by taking your own along. Once finished, the stashers fold flat using virtually no space!”

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So you’ve heard what our bloggers have to say, are you ready to make the switch today? 

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