How does the Laundry Egg work?

Before using your ecoegg Laundry Egg, detox your machine with the Detox Tablets. These help deep clean your washing machine, removing any build up or residue of washing powders or detergents and clean your pipes, eliminating odours. They also ensure that your ecoegg can perform as it should.

When you start your wash cycle, the ecoegg gets to work immediately. The grey pellets are made of tourmaline which helps to separate dirt from fabric, by raising the pH of water so it is more alkaline. Research in China and Australia, together with the ecoegg company’s studies, show this has the ability to dissolve organic matter like sweat, blood and food.

The white pellets contain surfactants, which are the cleaning agents and naturally ionise the oxygen molecules in the water. These penetrate deep into the fabric and further lift away the dirt and grime, without fading colours or damaging the fibres.

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How do the Dryer Eggs work?

Dryer eggs help you reduce tumble drying times by up to 28%, saving big on electricity costs.

The dryer eggs work by gently separating your laundry which means that more air can circulate, and so everything dries more quickly. This makes the best use of the space in the drum – assuming that you don’t cram in the washing and overload the drum!

The nodules on the eggs are designed to help soften your clothes naturally so there is no need to use fabric softener, which means far fewer plastic bottles ending up in landfill and in the oceans.

The dryer eggs have Fresh Linen and Spring Blossom fragrance sticks that add a delicate scent to your laundry, using natural oils, and because the ecoegg team designed the sticks to keep fragrance levels low, the dryer eggs are hypoallergenic, and kind to skin but you can also choose the fragrance free option.

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Why we love ecoegg Laundry and Dryer Eggs

  • They can be reused again and again. After 70 washes with the laundry egg, simply buy the Refill Laundry Egg Pellets which allow you to go on using the egg many more times. The dryer egg fragrance stick may need replacing after 40 uses, but the eggs will always work without them if you don’t want the fragrance!
  • They are fully recyclable when they reach the end of their very long working lives (though each egg has a 0 year guarantee!). The eggs themselves are made from a soft, durable, recyclable rubber.
  • They are non-toxic and non-biological. They use no harsh chemicals, enzymes, parabens, optical brighteners, bleaches or phosphates – and they don’t contain palm oil or microplastics!
  • Perfect for those with sensitive skin. Allergy UK has given the product its “Allergy Friendly” seal of approval so you can have full confidence and trust in its safety.



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