How do Ecoegg Dryer Eggs work?

Ecoegg Dryer Eggs are brilliantly simple pieces of technology that help you reduce tumble drying times by up to 28%, saving big on electricity costs.

Watching tumble dryers at work is not everyone’s idea of a good time but the team at ecoegg did just that and discovered that in general clothes tend to clump together during the cycle, which reduces the drying effect substantially.

The dryer eggs work by gently separating your laundry which means that more air can circulate, and so everything dries more quickly. This makes the best use of the space in the drum – assuming that you don’t cram in the washing and overload the drum!

They are so easy to use every time you do a laundry wash. Simply put them in the tumble dryer drum with your washing. The dryer eggs are made of an eco-friendly plastic which absorbs and radiates heat during the cycle, heat from both the dryer and the eggs tumbling through the washing.

The nodules on the eggs are designed to help soften your clothes naturally so there is no need to use fabric softener, which means far fewer plastic bottles ending up in landfill and in the oceans. In fact, if you use the dryer eggs with the ecoegg Laundry Eggs, it’s estimated you can avoid throwing away up to 40 plastic bottles each year.

Using no fabric softener is also kinder to your skin. The dryer eggs have been developed for people with sensitive skin and dermatological tests with people who suffer from skin conditions have given excellent results. Allergy UK has given the product its “Allergy Friendly” seal of approval so you can have full confidence and trust in its safety.

The dryer eggs have Fresh Linen and Spring Blossom fragrance sticks that add a delicate scent to your laundry, using natural oils, and because the ecoegg team designed the sticks to keep fragrance levels low, the dryer eggs are hypoallergenic, and kind to skin but you can also choose the fragrance free option.

Your dryer egg is fully recyclable when it reaches the end of a long working life and it has been developed without any testing on animals, and uses no animal derivatives so it’s suitable for use by vegans and it comes with a 10 year guarantee.

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