How do ecoegg laundry eggs work?

The ecoegg Laundry Egg is a little bit of natural magic that cleans your laundry effectively, safely and completely replaces traditional laundry detergent and fabric softener.

The ecoegg is made from soft, durable rubber that’s fully recyclable when it reaches the end of a long working life. It’s really simple to use – you simply open it and fill the larger section with two unique and innovative types of mineral pellet.

When you start your wash cycle, the ecoegg gets to work immediately. The grey pellets are made of tourmaline which helps to separate dirt from fabric, by raising the pH of water so it is more alkaline. Research in China and Australia, together with the ecoegg company’s studies, show this has the ability to dissolve organic matter like sweat, blood and food.

It also has the effect of safely softening the fibres in the wash so there’s no need for fabric softener.

The white pellets contain surfactants, which are the cleaning agents and naturally ionise the oxygen molecules in the water. These penetrate deep into the fabric and further lift away the dirt and grime, without fading colours or damaging the fibres.

The ecoegg Laundry Egg is suitable for handwashing. Simply place the egg to soak in water for 5-10 minutes then handwash as normal. It can be used in water temperatures from 15 to 60 degrees Celsius.

The egoegg has a light fragrance and you can choose a fragrance-free option. The low perfume levels ensure they are kind to your skin and the environment – and your wash doesn’t have to be highly scented to be clean!

ecoegg benefits

The ecoegg cleaning pellets are non-toxic and non-biological with no harsh chemicals, enzymes, parabens, optical brighteners, bleaches or phosphates – and they don’t contain palm oil or microplastics.

That’s because the ecoegg Laundry Egg was originally developed for people with sensitive skin and dermatological tests with people who suffer from sensitive skin have given excellent results. Allergy UK has given the product its “Allergy Friendly” seal of approval so you can have full confidence and trust in its safety.

The ecoegg Laundry Egg is cost effective at just 14p per wash or 10p per wash when you buy the refills.

It also helps you greatly reduce plastic use. Switching from liquid detergent and fabric conditioner to a Laundry Egg means you can avoid throwing away up to 40 bottles of plastic each year.  And when you’ve used your Laundry Egg for around 70 washes, you can buy Refill Laundry Egg Pellets which allow you to go on using the egg many more times.

The ecoegg has been developed without any testing on animals and uses no animal derivatives so it’s suitable for use by vegans and it comes with a 10 year guarantee.

We recommend that before using your ecoegg Laundry Egg for the first time, you thoroughly clean your washing machine with the ecoegg Detox Tablet to remove any residue from used detergents or fabric conditioners.

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6 responses to “How do ecoegg laundry eggs work?

  1. I by mistake left my egg in the machine on the drying cycle,has this caused any harm to the washing process? Thank you.

  2. Let’s be honest, great idea but unless you are a proper eco warrior don’t bother. It does a really poor job. I would be too embarrassed to sell it. We tried it for two weeks, but nothing looked really clean. Back to normal stuff.this is basically a con that unless you want to look and live like a hippy won’t work out.

    1. I’ve used the eco egg for a few years and I find that it cleans clothes really well. It doesn’t brighten whites as bleaches do though. There is a white eco egg which I’ve yet to try. If you are finding that it doesn’t work, maybe your clothes are being worn until they are very dirty…..

  3. Ignore the nay sayers. It does work and it works better than the big brand biological detergents. I used it with a new washing machine which will impact its effectiveness as it won’t work on washing machines that have dirty soap/softener drawers, mouldy door seals etc. You have to thoroughly clean and use a detoxing product on your washing machine before you use the egg, which quite frankly you should be doing regularly anyway…
    I’ve had one for 2 weeks and it gets rid of the most insidious stains and smells, no fails after using it 6 times at 40 degrees to date.

  4. Ive just done my first wash with the eco egg and even at a cool wash everything came out clean and smelling fresh. And I now have a lot more room in my laundry cupboard.

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