Many organisations now need to have a plan to decarbonise their organisations, to meet demand from a wide range of external stakeholders

  • Strengthen your reputation – companies that want to take climate action seriously are increasingly expected to set science-based targets and doing so shows that you’re taking responsibility
  • Make cost savings – for example, through lower energy costs.
  • Shape your business strategy, drive innovation and increase your competitive edge
  • Increased investor confidence – financial institutions are increasingly factoring in carbon reductions in line with climate science
  • Attract & retain staff – many staff look for companies who have made a commitment to helping the planet
  • Customers – be able to share your commitment to attract and retain customers
  • Help manage future risks – setting targets can boost resilience to future emissions related regulations

Our SaaS team provides a cost effective and flexible solution to developing your Carbon Roadmap

What makes us different? Unlike pure carbon consultants we help you progress easily to the next level of detail. Our complete end-to-end process covers on-site audits, through to financing and project delivery when you are ready to move to delivering the projects and behavioural changes identified in your carbon roadmap. This combined service approach will save you time and money.

Our Carbon Roadmap will cover the following areas

  • A clear definition of Net Zero and the assumptions of the scope areas covered
  • Use of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol which is the world’s most widely used greenhouse gas accounting standard for companies. GHG Protocol standards and guidance enables companies to measure, manage and report greenhouse gas emissions from their operations and value chains
  • Based upon the Protocol and available data, we will identify the Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, delivering a total present carbon footprint for your organisation
  • Outline the high-level actions necessary to move towards the target of being carbon neutral

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