The Client

Glenmead Primary is a well-respected school in Great Barr, Birmingham that caters for around 400 pupils aged 4-11.

The Brief

The larger than average school wanted to find ways to reduce operating costs in the most effective way, while also being constrained by a tight budget.

It was aware of the availability of Salix interest-free funding and chose to investigate the potential for cost-reducing LED lighting that did not require big capital investment. The school called for three tenders and awarded the contract to SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

The lighting project would improve the quality of light throughout the school, which was old and had deteriorated.

The Solution

First requirement was a full survey of the school to assess the state of current lighting and calculate the level of savings to be made by fitting a range of energy-saving LED lamps in all areas. SaveMoneyCutCarbon then discussed in detail the findings with the finance manager to confirm the exact specifications for the project.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon has extensive experience of energy-saving projects in the schools sector and the fully DBS-checked team fully managed the lighting retrofit over an eight-day period, including survey, specification, installation and testing.

Annual savings of £4,169 through lighting upgrades
Energy reduction 69.8%

It also drew on expert knowledge to complete the complex Salix Finance funding application on behalf of the school, which secured an interest-free loan to cover project costs, with repayments covered by savings on energy bills.

The installation team worked with the school to ensure minimum disruption to teaching activities, replacing 465 lights and fittings with quality LED equivalents from Thorn, Verbatim, Fitzgerald and BG Luceco, including panels, linear battens, lamps, tubes and bulkheads.

As part of the extensive work, the team fitted 32 special LED panels with low glare rating (less than 19). The Thorn Anna panels ensure that glare is minimised in sensitive areas of the school.

LED is the light source of choice for energy-conscious buyers as it provides the best energy efficiency compared with fluorescent and the now banned halogen models. It is also very reliable with excellent quality, lasting for between 40,000 to 50,000 hours of continuous usage, helping to cut maintenance costs.

Every light is fully supported with a no-quibble, five-year manufacturers’ warranty. The retrofit removed fluorescent tubes that generally only last 5,000 hours with the light quality degrading badly well before final failure.

The school lighting was very old, producing a poor output of light while at the same time becoming more expensive to run. Tubes for these lights are now limited in supply and therefore sold at a premium price. With the continued increase in costs and budgets shrinking funding an upgrade of the lighting was not possible. However with the knowledge and experience of SaveMoneyCutCarbon the school has been able to secure a Salix loan to fund this project, with the forecast savings in energy funding the re-payment of the loan. The installation team were very professional and efficient.

Lisa Foxhall, Glenmead Primary School business manager

We were pleased to win the LED lighting contract in a competitive bid and our wide experience in the schools sector was key to a success. The Salix funding option is increasingly seen by cost-conscious schools as the best way to finance large capital projects and having expert guidance is crucial to securing a grant. It’s great to help schools like Glenmead make big annual savings that can be used for teaching activities.

Simon Blaaser, SaveMoneyCutCarbon regional sales manager


  • 69.8% reduction in lighting costs
  • Savings of £4,169.20 per year
  • Carbon footprint reduced by over two-thirds
  • Self-financing payback period: 7.52 years
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Annual Savings

  • 4,169.20

    £ saved

  • Two Thirds


  • 69.8


  • 7.5

    months payback

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