The Client

Bishop Challoner Catholic Secondary School is a vibrant mixed 11 – 16 school serving a wide area of Basingstoke, North Hampshire.

The oversubscribed school has 826 pupils and the most recent Ofsted report rates it “good to outstanding” in all areas.

It was founded by Trustees of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth, is maintained by Hampshire County Council.

The Brief

The Diocese has embarked on a wide-ranging energy efficiency drive in its schools and saw Bishop Challoner as a good candidate for savings, given its £24,500 annual electricity bill for lighting.

The school was introduced to SaveMoneyCutCarbon through the Diocese, who identified the need for LED lighting not only to cut energy bills but also improve quality of light and reduce maintenance costs in the school, built in 1975.

A big advantage of working with SaveMoneyCutCarbon is the company’s extensive expertise in securing interest-free funding from Salix Finance. Using this knowledge, Bishop Challoner school took advantage of a full LED retrofit, with Salix funding repayments covered by energy savings.

The Solution

The SaveMoneyCutCarbon Field Services team, directed by business development manager Ashley Watson replaced more than 1150 panels, tubes, 2D fittings, downlights and lamps across the whole school, including exterior environments.

Given the logistical challenges of working around a busy school in full flow, the installation team completed the work during the holiday period, minimising disruption and ensuring maximum safety.

Using best quality LED lamps ensured high reliability with minimum maintenance in comparison to the previous lighting solutions, which included aged fluorescent tubes. Fluorescents are good for roughly 5,000 hours before light degradation occurs.

The new lighting should provide up to 50,000 hours of continuous usage with very little degradation.

And the traditional incandescent light bulbs in the school only lasted on average around 1,000 hours.

The exceptionally long life of LEDs brings the additional savings benefit of lower maintenance costs with far fewer lamp changes. All of the lighting is fully supported with a no quibble five-year manufacturers’ warranty.

Savings of £14,358 per year with LED upgrades
Payback in 7.1 yrs Full Salix Financing

The LED lighting project was fully managed by SaveMoneyCutCarbon, including the complex Salix funding application on behalf of the school.

The specialist team delivered everything from survey to specification, installation, testing and monitoring.

The installation team was very professional and the managers responded positively to requests for changes as the project was delivered. There was a strong business case for choosing LED lighting and we’re looking forward to reduced costs over many years. The lighting is much improved, a lot brighter and clearly better quality, which I’m sure we’ll notice even more as winter draws in.”

Beverley O’Shea, Business Manager

“We enjoyed working with Bishop Challoner school and particularly ensuring that the Salix application went smoothly. Our strengths for schools are in delivering investment-ready proposals, liaising with Salix and delivering all the essential carbon and payback ROI calculations driven from our detailed surveys and in-depth product knowledge. From there, we pull together all the technical and fitting specifications and ensure accurate completion of all documentation. Then our specialist team going the extra mile when installing LEDs, ensuring best fittings and finishes.”

Mark Sait, CEO, SaveMoneyCutCarbon


  • The LED retrofit will reduce lighting bills by nearly 60%
  • Savings year on year nearly £14,500
  • Carbon footprint will be cut by similar amount – 60%
  • Full Salix financing at zero interest means the project should be self-financing over seven years

Annual Savings

  • 14,358

    £ saved

  • 64.9


  • 7.1

    months payback

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