Salix have ceased their loan scheme

One of the first sectors to seize the opportunity for reducing costs is in the public sector where energy efficiency and saving money are key considerations. Our role with your business is to help you secure a loan to aid you build an energy efficiency fund.

Raising capital to undertake energy efficiency projects that cut their energy consumption can prove challenging for many public sector organisations.

Salix Finance is an independent, publicly funded company that offers 100% interest-free capital loans to the public sector. They help the industry reduce its energy costs by enabling the installation of modern, energy-efficient technologies and replacing dated inefficient technologies.

Funding via Salix Finance is available to all public sector organisations including schools and academies, higher and further educational institutions, emergency services, hospitals, leisure centres, local authorities and the NHS.

Utilising the interest-free loan from Salix to finance your energy efficiency project provides you with the capital and no further strain on cash reserves of cash flow.

Salix have ceased their loan scheme

A Loan Example

If a school borrows £10,000 to put in new LED lighting which will save the school £2,000 per annum from reduced electricity usage, for the first five years these savings are used to pay back the interest-free loan. Once the loan is repaid, the continued savings enable the school to use the capital for other budgets, such as the purchase of equipment.

A Dedicated Salix Bid Team

SaveMoneyCutCarbon offers a complete Salix service at no cost to the public sector. We have a dedicated Salix bid team with a proven track record in securing funding from Salix Finance, project managing your Salix funded project from the outset and installing the very best energy saving technology at times that suit you.

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Salix Finance Supporting the Public Sector

There are two main criteria for this fund which need to be met:

That the projects must pay for themselves within 5-8 years (through their predicted annual energy savings).

The project must not exceed a maximum cost of £200 per tonne of carbon dioxide saved (calculated using Salix compliance tool).


  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Salix funds over 100 technologies that can help improve the learning and working environments
  • No upfront cost – the interest-free loan is repaid with the predicted energy savings
  • Salix have Secretary of State approval for all maintained schools and colleges to take up Salix loans – schemes for financing schools
  • The repayments are recycled to fund further projects in the public-sector

Current Salix Finance Statistics*

  • Number of projects funded = 17,121
  • Value of projects funded = £742 million
  • Value of annual financial savings = £164 million
  • Value of annual carbon savings = 788,272 tonnes of CO2e

*February 2019

Our experienced SaveMoneyCutCarbon Salix bid team can:

  • Discuss your requirements and options before the Salix application and evaluate the chances of your project being financed through Salix, saving you time and money
  • Discuss with you some of our recently completed Salix Finance energy efficiency projects and provide reference sites to enable you to independently evaluate SMCC
  • Undertake a thorough investigation of your existing energy consumption and use this data to calculate your annual costs and carbon footprint
  • Make a comprehensive site survey using our experienced electricians and lighting experts to identify the size and scope of the energy saving opportunity. This process is pivotal to ensure that everything adds up and that the project is financially viable
  • Create a bespoke solution for your organisation based on the best products, biggest savings and quickest return on investment
  • Produce a return on investment costing table highlighting your annual cost, energy savings and payback period that also demonstrates Salix Finance compliance
  • Write a detailed Salix business plan for all projects over £100K
  • Source appropriate products and schedule flexible installation times to suit the needs of your organisation, including evenings, overnight and weekends as appropriate
  • Complete all relevant electrical testing and BS compliance certification
  • Provide support via our in-house marketing and PR team to promote your project and generate case studies where appropriate

Salix have ceased their loan scheme

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"Absolutely spot on & extremely satisfied. The new LED lighting offers fantastic coverage which is exactly what was required"

"The installers were excellent and delivered exactly what was specified, everybody has commented very positively within the business and will be happy to recommend you to other departments."

Branch Manager, Colchester

“We had been planning the full refit of our lights for a couple of months and having chosen SaveMoneyCutCarbon the fitting team were with us for a couple of weeks before Christmas."

“They were able to come in after the school activities had finished in the afternoon. The Team were very amenable to working around any occupational restrictions we had with clubs and so on. They were a cheerful bunch and left the school tidy everyday with the furniture returned to its usual positions. There were a few changes to the fittings etc. that were noted during the fitting from the original survey and these were put in place without any problems."

Martin Blake, Business Manager at Nicholas Hawksmoor

“LEDs were the next logical step after our earlier lighting improvements but we could not at first secure the budget, given other pressing curriculum needs. However, we worked through the Diocese with SaveMoneyCutCarbon to take the opportunity to apply for Salix funding and the whole process went pretty smoothly."

"Overall, the standard of work from SaveMoneyCutCarbon was impressive. After SaveMoneyCutCarbon secured the interest-free loan, they moved very quickly to install the LED lighting, ensuring that the work was completed during the summer holidays, which was excellent. The early impressions of the new lighting are very positive, particularly in the library area and staff room. I’m sure we will see more benefits as the winter draws in.”

Anthony Murray, Head Teacher, St Bede’s

“The installation team was very professional and the managers responded positively to requests for changes as the project was delivered."

"There was a strong business case for choosing LED lighting and we’re looking forward to reduced costs over many years. The lighting is much improved, a lot brighter and clearly better quality, which I’m sure we’ll notice even more as winter draws in.”

Beverley O’Shea, Business Manager, Bishop Challoner School

LED lighting and lighting controls certainly ticks the boxes and is really is a sound investment that simplifies carbon reduction."

"Lighting controls in particular are a great asset as it is difficult to rapidly change people’s attitudes to switching off lighting."

John Tucker, Facilities Manager, Menzies Distribution



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