Why choose FireUp firelighters?

FireLighters are brilliant for heating your BBQ or starting a roaring fire on chilly evenings. Eco-friendly firelighters can help get your fire going without using toxins and harmful chemicals or releasing harmful greenhouse gases into the environment. Using sustainable sourced wood and natural oils, eco-friendly firelighters are food safe and animal and aquatics safe.

FireUp firelighters are the best option on the market right now! Using 100% natural materials without costing you a penny more, they’re brilliant eco-friendly alternatives to petroleum-based firelighters.

What are FireUp firelighters?

Planning to make the most of the sunshine at the moment? Say goodbye to petroleum soaked firelighters and hello to FireUp natural firelighters. Made from FSC certified wood, they are an eco-friendly alternative for indoor and outdoor fires as well as BBQs and cooking, which will help improve your carbon footprint.

They are 100% safe for the environment because they are non-toxic, containing no formaldehyde or added chemicals so it doesn’t matter if they come into contact with plants or marine life. They are also 100% food safe so you can enjoy all of the great things of summer BBQs without worrying. Just like traditional versions, they burn for six to eight minutes except they’re planet and wallet positive!


What makes FireUp firelighters sustainable?

FireUp natural firelighters are palm oil and fossil fuel free, making them entirely carbon neutral! The compressed pinewood sawdust is fully FSC certified which means that it has been sourced from forests that have been managed in an environmentally friendly way, they’re socially beneficial to the local community and they’re economically viable.

Choosing a certified FSC product means that your choices have not harmed precious forests around the world. Why is this important? Forests provide a home to 80% of wildlife and plants and 1.6 billion people rely on forests for food, shelter, energy and water. For you and I, they regulate our climate, clean the air, provide energy sources and offer drinking water – so to say they’re important would be an understatement.

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FireUp firelighters also come in fully recyclable packaging which is a massive bonus for the environment. Much of the materials used for ordinary packaging aren’t biodegradable or eco-friendly. This means that landfill continues to pile up, polluting the earth surrounding them and leading to a global rise in temperatures. One culprit is expanded polystyrene (EPS) which releases methane in the process. No need to worry about packaging disposal when it comes to FireUp – simply put it in your recycling bin.


Why choose FireUp firelighters over non-sustainable alternatives?

Most firelighters you’ll find in the supermarket carry a huge carbon footprint because they contain chemicals such as paraffin, paraffin wax and kerosene – all of which are derived from petroleum (fossil fuel based). They can also contain formaldehyde resin which is a chemical that is toxic for humans – not very tasty!

FireUp firelighters only use vegetable oil in production so they don’t emit that oily smell that traditional firelighters do when lit. I hate the greasy smelly hands you get after lighting the fire using fossil-fuel based firelighters so this is the perfect alternative.

When traditional petroleum-based firelighters burn, they emit emissions and leak chemicals into the atmosphere, boosting greenhouse gas emissions and posing a risk to human health. Unlike their non-sustainable alternatives, FireUp firelighters are non-greasy and long-lasting: they won’t dry out after opening the packet. Although they contain no chemicals, FireUp natural firelighters light up just as well as their unsustainable and toxic counterparts so the choice is easy!

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As they’re 100% natural, they can be stored alongside food so if you’re going camping for the weekend, you can maximise packing space and pack it all together. A pack of 200 is brilliant for longer holidays as it’s cost-efficient and better for the planet than buying multiple smaller packets.

Going green is also cheaper! FireUp only cost 4p per firelighter but Zip (the only option at Tesco) cost 11p per firelighter. They’re even cheaper than Sainsbury’s own brand which costs 9p per firelighter. Cheaper and better for the environment, what’s not to like? Available in a pack of 28, 60 or 200, there’s an ideal option for all of our eco-warriors.


Why choose FireUp firelighters over other sustainable alternatives?

The eco-friendly firelighter market is surprisingly low: there aren’t many sustainable options on the shelves. Zip 100% natural firelighters are also derived from FSC certified wood and are chemical free but a pack of 16 costs £3.90 which is 24p each. That is over 6x more expensive than FireUp!

Another alternative is Lekto natural firelighters but they cost 10p per firelighter. If the price difference isn’t enough, they’re not derived from FSC certified wood and although they’re labelled ‘natural’, they actually have a paraffin wax coating which isn’t sustainable at all! Remember to always check the eco credential of so-called sustainable products.

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Relight your fire with FireUp 

FireUp firelighters are cheaper and better for the planet in comparison to traditional petroleum alternatives. Although the market for natural substitutes is not huge, FireUp has managed to source FSC certified materials without denting your wallet – amazing. Suitable for BBQs, fire pits and indoor stoves, cooking will never be the same again.

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