What is hansgrohe CoolContact?

CoolContact technology from hansgrohe makes sure that showertime is a safe time for all the family – young and old.

The ingenious design stops your thermostatic mixer getting too hot and so you can safely indulge in your daily shower. Hansgrohe’s innovative cooling technology ensures that the mixer is cool to touch so it’s perfect to safeguard young children.

We know our kids just love to explore, touching and testing everything around them. In the bathroom, this means potential nasty shocks from hot pipework and other hazards but hansgrohe CoolContact shields the curious hands of little adventurers.

CoolContact technology routes the cold water flowing through the thermostatic mixer directly to the surface and that means the housing is always nicely cool so everyone in the family can move freely in the shower or bath.

How CoolContact works

The cold water supply is routed from the base set of the thermostatic mixer up to just beneath the metal surface of the entire top and front end, flowing from right to left towards the thermostat cartridge.

At the same time, the hot water supply feeds in from the wall connection directly to the cartridge. The mixed water, surrounded by cold water, flows to the right out of the cartridge, also away from the metal surfaces.

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Carefree with Ecostat E

You can find this great technology in many of the hansgrohe offerings – for example, the Ecostat E high-quality designer thermostatic mixer for shower and bath. The CoolContact protected safe inner workings and Softcube design of the mixer are an inspiring combination.

It’s no wonder that Ecostat E is a very popular choice as customers love the geometric shapes with softly rounded edges, with the added attraction that the kids and elderly find the clear labelling helpful and tactile handles easy to use.

There’s an additional safety feature on the Ecostat E – the SafetyStop function for adjustable temperature limitation, which means that your shower and bath water will never be too hot. This prevents children from accidentally burning themselves on scalding water.

Rest assured that you can be planet-friendly too, as the Ecostat E is designed to use only 9 litres of water per minute, with no loss of shower quality, and you will also use less energy for heating the eater and pumping it.

Ecostat exposed thermostatic mixers are a great choice if you want a straightforward upgrade for your bathroom as they can be installed on existing connections and are quick to install on existing connections – top news for any plumber, and your budget!

The thermostatic mixers also help to improve your shower experience as they control the water volume, temperature and pressure.

Whether you choose the exposed or concealed installation, Ecostat thermostatic mixers with CoolContact have many great features, including safety, ingenious functionality and elegant design, backed by the expertise and quality of a renowned and globally trusted brand.

Your hansgrohe choices are built to last, with top-grade manufacturing processes and quality control. With many years of quality use and no need to replace, that means far less plumbing ends up in landfill.

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