What do our SaveMoneyCutCarbon bloggers have to say about energy saving?

We can go on and on about how great our energy-saving LEDs are; not only are they going to save you money on your energy bills, but they look great and stand the test of time. But don’t just take our word for it, what tips do our bloggers have on energy-saving and what do they really think of our LED range?

Energy-saving bulbs that look good

Becky from pinkscharming writes a green and ethical lifestyle blog full of simple ways to live a more sustainable life.

“New light bulbs may not be the first thing you think about when it comes to saving energy and money. But LED bulbs are such a quick, simple energy-efficient swap, it’s a bit of a no-brainer for me.”

“I’ve replaced the last of the old-fashioned ones with the new breed of energy-efficient LED bulbs that look really good, too.”

“It’s also a much cleaner, fresher type of light, not like the muddy yellowish light from the old ‘eco bulb’.”

“I love the look of the vintage light bulbs, so I was delighted to find an oversized LED bulb that looks perfect in our floor lamp. It’s huge! I think it looks great in our industrial-style black floor lamp and gives such a lovely warm glow.”

Read the blog here.  

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Easy to use

Emma’ Savvy Savings is a blogger, teacher, wife, and mummy to three. She is always looking to save money but still living the good life. She loved the Philips SceneSwitch LED bulb and how easy it is to use.

“The Philips SceneSwitch LED bulb allows you to change your light ambience from cool white light to a warm white light, what’s brilliant is that you can even use SceneSwitch with your existing light switch.”

Read the blog here.

Small sustainable steps

Emma from Emma Reed blog is a real eco-warrior, so if she approves of an eco-friendly product you know it’s good!

“One area which I think we could all begin to tackle is to switch our light bulbs. Sounds very simple, doesn’t it? If we all switched our old light bulbs over to LED bulbs we could take some big steps towards cutting our carbon whilst also saving money.”

“However, out of all of our new lights, I think my favourite has to be the cabinet light with its sensor. This can be placed anywhere that you feel needs a little extra boost of light whether that’s inside a wardrobe, a cupboard, maybe in your garage or workroom or under your kitchen cabinets which is where we chose.”

Read the blog here.

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Lower your energy bills

Ricky and Naomi from Skint Dad is the destination where every penny counts. Whether you’re looking to cut back on your food bill, save for a rainy day, or find inventive ways to up your income; Skint Dad has the answer.

“LED lighting works in exactly the same way as standard bulbs – apart from you save money and time. As LEDs have a lower wattage than traditional bulbs, you’re able to save up to 90% on your energy bill over a year.”

Read the blog here.

Unbeatable prices

Louise from Pink Pear Bear and her family are very active, they love being outdoors, camping, walking, festivals, you name it they are there getting their boots muddy. A lover of the outdoors and environment she is keen to do as much as she can do to be eco-friendly. Louise was impressed with the guaranteed low prices and that we will refund the difference if you find the same product cheaper.

“One of the big benefits of joining their monthly subscription club is that you get guaranteed low prices and they will even refund the difference if you find the same product cheaper.”

Read the blog here.

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Saving money and the planet 

Clare, the face behind My Money Cottage shares a huge variety of ways to save money, boost income and make your pennies go further.

“Over the course of a year, you could save an average of £232 just by making the switch to LED bulbs. So, whilst LED bulbs may cost more to buy initially, you will make a saving over time.”

“There are a few things that make LED energy-saving bulbs more eco-friendly. Firstly, because they last so much longer than traditional light bulbs, there are fewer of them ending up in landfill sites. We should all be taking steps to reduce our household waste, so this is great news.”

Read the blog here.

Trusted and tested brands

Olly from Savvy Dad was looking to replace all the filament and halogen bulbs in his period property. This is how he got on.

“They stock leading brands that I felt confident using. Some other retailers are flooded with suspect rebadged and unknown brands where I would worry about lifespan and reliability. SaveMoneyCutCarbon also test out the items that they stock, making sure they’re suitable for the job intended.”

“Finding the information I needed for each fitting I had was a doddle thanks to the really intuitive search function. I could filter by bulb type, room type or even by lighting application. Delivery is direct from UK warehouses too.”

“Using the Save Money Cut Carbon website also actively encouraged me to learn more about sustainable issues while shopping for efficient lighting options – a great touch! They provided a clearly responsible ethos and I found them a reliable and cost-effective source for the bulbs I needed for this project.”

Read the blog here.

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 Longer term savings that stack up

Jordon Cox, known as Britain’s Coupon Kid is always looking for ways to save money.

“Whenever I saw energy-saving bulbs, I naturally assumed it meant things would take ages to get to full brightness, or just not as good as my usual bulbs.”

“… the energy-saving bulb is so much brighter! The light beams through the lamp, as opposed to the subdued light of the standard bulb.”

Read the blog here.

Huge selection

Tammy from Us Two Plus You shares her life, loves, new finds, explorations, and all the little moments life has in store.

“When it comes to taking the first steps into making eco-friendly swaps I think a great place to start is with small items that will last a long time, just like LED light bulbs.”

“The selection of bulbs and fitting options available is huge! You can see above that we received a large selection of products including bulbs with E22, E27 and bayonet fittings. The bulbs ranged in size from small to very large and featured bulbs in several styles, ranges and shapes.”

Read the blog here.

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So you’ve heard what our bloggers have to say, why not check out our huge selection of LED bulbs for yourself.


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