The Quiet Revolution of Homethings Cleaning Products

Did you know a typical cleaning spray can contain up to 95% water? The home care industry transports millions of gallons of water every year in the form of cleaning products.

The thing is, we all have a tap at home – and spray bottles can be reused over and over. So what if you just bought that remaining 5% of cleaning concentrate? We could save billions of single-use bottles and tonnes of heavy water from being shipped around the globe.

This is the quiet revolution of Homethings. They’re an eco cleaning brand that went from a Dragon’s Den pitch to one of the world’s most impactful B Corps. We’re going talk about how Homethings want to change how people buy their everyday sprays and detergents – and why it matters. Take a look.

The sensible option

Homethings founders Tim and Matt realised that buying a tiny concentrated refill (instead of a heavy plastic bottle) is simply common sense. Would you rather buy one bottle of double-concentrate squash, or ten bottles of diluted drink?

Tim and Matt developed a range of planet-positive, waterless cleaning tabs to replace all your regular products: sprays, detergent and washing-up liquid. These tiny tabs produce 93% less CO2e than regular products, and are free from single-use plastic. They also contain no nasty chemicals, unlike most supermarket options.

Many other eco brands don’t sell their products in concentrated form. Why? People are just accustomed to buying premixed products in plastic bottles. However, concentrates save a huge amount of emissions and waste, simply by virtue of being small. What’s more, recycling single-use bottles isn’t the solution many assume it is.


‘Just Add Tap’

For consumers to change their ingrained habits, the transition must be easy. That’s why Homethings have made their products exceedingly simple to use. All you need to do is fill up your bottle with tap water, drop in the concentrated tab, wait for it to dissolve and get cleaning.

You can use an old bottle, or buy a reusable Homethings one (made from recycled material, of course). Your tabs will be shipped in sustainable cardboard packaging that fits through the letterbox.

Everything Homethings makes is strictly non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free and pet safe. There are no chemical nasties in there to pollute the environment or harm your body – just powerful plant-based ingredients and delicious eco fragrances.


From Dragon’s Den to top B Corp

If this company sounds oddly familiar to you, you may have seen them on Dragon’s Den back in 2021. All the Dragons wanted in – but Tim and Matt went with a combined offer from Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones. It must have paid off, because Homethings have gone from strength to strength since.

Since 2021, Homethings have been a certified B Corp, i.e. a business that benefits all people, communities, and the planet. As Homethings products start to reach a mass audience, their impact is growing, too.

In 2022, Homethings saved the equivalent of 37 tonnes of plastic with their zero-waste products. They also won The Grocer Start Up of the Year award, The Sky Zero Footprint award and achieved B Corp ‘Best for the World’ status. That puts them in the top 5% of all B Corps globally, having achieved one of the highest scores for environmental impact.

In addition to this all Homethings products are vegan and certified by Cruelty Free International.


The Homethings range

Homethings have got a planet-positive concentrate for just about any cleaning product you use around the home:

  • Cleaning sprays – Get kitted out with Multi Surface Spray (Grapefruit & Mandarin), Glass & Mirror Spray (Peony & Pomelo) and Bathroom Spray (Lavender & Tonka). Optional refillable bottle included.
  • Laundry pods – Choose between bio or non-bio with these planet-friendly pods, proven to outperform leading brands. They work best at 30°C, so you can turn the temperature down for good.

Time to rethink what’s under your sink. Browse our full range of Homethings eco cleaning products here.


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