Tap aerators – the mini miracle for saving water

Tap aerators are the mini miracles in our top tips for energy and water savings.

Tap aerators are simple and low cost but beautiful in engineering terms. They are also guaranteed to last. Just fit and forget – and start saving.

The tap aerator is designed to work optimally in almost any situation and is a very cost-effective and efficient product that reduces the flow of water without a perceived loss of pressure.

Check your savings with our tap aerators calculator:

Screen shot of SaveMoneyCutCarbon tap aerator savings calculator

You can also find the exact tap aerator you need with our product selector and please contact us to discuss your measurement needs. We’re here to help:

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Our visual guides on ‘How to Fit a Tap Aerator’ and ‘Will a Tap Aerator Fit My Tap?’ will give you all the info you need. You can get these here:

How to Fit a Tap Aerator 

Will a Tap Aerator Fit My Tap?

For homes and businesses, particularly the hospitality sector, these invisible miracles make a significant difference, with water consumption reduced by more than 50% in many cases.

For business, this has a direct impact on the bottom line and there is the added benefit that less energy is used to heat the water, which further reduces costs, and also reduces carbon emissions – a triple win.

We are also often reminded by our customers how quickly this type of “SaveMoneyCutCarbon” investment pays for itself. The ROI is measured in months, not years and that applies to every setting, from a single domestic bathroom or kitchen to larger business properties with many taps, to hotels boasting many hundreds of taps.

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