Soraa ZeroBlue

Zero blue light matters 

The Sun emits blue light naturally, supporting our productivity and alertness. As the day progresses blue light levels decrease, prompting the body to prepare for sleep. But with the advent of LEDs, we run the risk of blue light overexposure during evening hours which can inhibit restful sleep.

Meet Soraa ZeroBlue™, the world’s first blue-free lamp from Soraa. Soraa ZeroBlue lamps have been meticulously designed to help the body better recognise that the day is ending, aiding the natural steps of a healthy sleep cycle. Designed with proprietary technology, Soraa ZeroBlue lamps emit a completely blue-free spectrum, reducing melanopic lumens by ~40% compared to conventional LEDs, while also retaining a beautiful, soft, white light quality.

The science behind blue-free light 

While some manufacturers rely in dimming, or colour schemes to mask blue content in their products, only Soraa ZeroBlue lamps emit a complete blue-free light.

By leveraging Soraa’s proprietary violet LED and combing with our precisely engineered mix of green and red phosphors, we can produce a high-quality, soft, white light with a spectrum completely devoid of sleep-hindering blue light.



  • Proprietary technology that delivers a soft, white light, which is 100% blue-free
  • Colour rendition of CRI 80 and R9 90, resulting in beautiful colour and whites
  • Exceptional beam quality with precisely controlled distributions and perfect uniformity
  • Advanced drivers provide a flicker and noise free experience for enhanced comfort
  • Optimised for smooth dimming down to extremely low light levels
  • Rated lifetime (L70) of 25,000 hours, offered with a 3-year warranty
  • Suitable for use in fully enclosed fixtures, including damp locations



  • Aids the natural steps of a healthy sleep cycle by reducing melanopic lumens by ~40%
  • Mechanical compatibility with many standard light fixtures
  • Excellent compatibility with most standard LED transformers
  • No harmful UV or IR radiation



  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • Wellness Retreats & SPA’s
  • Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities
  • Residential

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