Soraa Vivid Warm Dim

Discover the beauty of warm dim 

As humans, we’re naturally drawn to warm light. It gives us the feeling of calmness, relaxation and prompts us to slow down. Just as our daily activities vary from dawn to dusk, so does natural light, gradually getting warmer and more amber in colour as the sun goes down.

Now you can experience the same natural effect in Soraa LED lighting. Soraa VIVID ™ Warm Dim lamps shift to pleasing warmer hues as light intensity decreases, while still preserving the company’s flagship optical and colour rendering performance throughout the entire dimming range. It makes for a perfect environment and a beautiful setting.

Achieve new levels of precision

Soraa VIVID Warm Dim lamps feature new market innovations with three different types of LEDs in a 24-array configuration called Soraa MOSAIC™. The result is a remarkably consistent light distribution, beautiful beam spreads, and industry-leading colour and white rendering capabilities.



  • Best in class colour rendition of CRI 95 and R9 95 throughout the dimming range
  • Engineered to deliver outstanding white rendering of RW 100 for true-to-life whites
  • Exceptional beam quality with precisely controlled distributions and perfect uniformity
  • Colour transition mimics incandescent lamps from either 3000K or 2700K to 1800K
  • Advanced drivers deliver a flicker and noise free experience for enhanced comfort
  • Rated lifetime (L70) of 35,000 hours, offered with a 3-year warranty
  • Suitable for use in fully enclosed fixtures, including damp locations


  • 85% more efficient than standard halogen lamps, with typical payback of one year or less
  • Flexible, low-cost solution due to mechanical compatibility with many standard fixtures
  • Excellent compatibility with most LED transformers
  • No harmful UV or IR radiation



  • Residential
  • Restaurant & Hospitality
  • Spa & Wellness Facilities

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