Smart home lighting made simple

Lutron RA2 Select gives homeowners smart home lighting that is simple, personal, and effortlessly controllable.

It has been painstakingly designed so that people have the control they need in any home and on any budget, without the usual complexities and complications that come with other systems.

Lutron RA2 Select delivers reliable personalised lighting controls with convenience and more comfort. It’s a system that brings peace of mind as people can stay in control of their home, even when they’re not there.

The RA2 solution combines a range of equipment for lighting and blind control and has been developed so you can create the system that will best suit your lifestyle, choosing the specific components you want. It’s affordable and expandable, so you can start small if you want, and then add, building control of your lighting throughout the home, according to budget and taste.

Simple system set-up

RA2 Select is flexible and installation, including any wiring is straightforward, whether it’s a single room set up or the whole house. Connect the main RA2 Select repeater to the home network to enable setup, control, and monitoring via the Lutron App. The main repeater supports up to 100 devices.

You also get the benefits of simple system setup through the Lutron App to automatically configure light and blind levels for typical activities while the pre-engraved Pico scene keypad remote control guarantees every scene keypad in the home has an intuitive scene icon, for those pre-set light and blind levels.

The Pico controls put power in your hands, with flexibility of choice. Choose a Pico wireless control, with all assigned lights going to the same level for each button and/or a Pico scene keypad, to set lights, blinds, and audio to unique levels for each button.

The versatile Pico controller is available as a keypad, for scene control, or as a remote, for individual light and blind control. The wireless Pico can be mounted on a tabletop pedestal – these are available in single, double, and triple configurations – or people can choose to place it on a wall, with no need to cut a hole or chase in any wiring. For the finishing touch designer faceplates are available.

The free Lutron App for your mobile or tablet monitors and adjust lights and blinds on your smart device, whether you’re home or away.

And Lutron’s patented Clear Connect RF technology sets the standard for reliability and works with precision and accuracy, free from interference with other frequency bands, every time you use it.


Complete control of lighting

There are so many ways that you can harness RA2 Select to give you complete control of your lighting. You can schedule exterior lights to turn on before you arrive home and turn on entry lights with the Home button to illuminate a path from your front door. When you head out, you can use the Away button to make sure that you never leave the lights on.

RA2 Select gives you the power to transform a room. For example, in the kitchen you can easily set multiple lights and blinds to exactly the levels you want for different task and uses, from cooking, to sharing a quiet dinner, or cleaning up afterwards.

When you have family and friends round, you can create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining with light, blind, and audio control in the palm of your hand. Or you can watch a favourite movie without screen glare, turning down the lights and closing blinds.

In the bedroom, you can set the scene to relax in bed or get ready to go out in the perfect light while the Pico wireless remote gives you individual control of the lamp on your side of the bed.

You can also adjust the bathroom lighting to wake you up in the morning or relax a little when you have finished work.

You’ll never have to worry about accidentally leaving the lights on – with an RA2 Select sensor, lights automatically turn off after you leave the room. And you can use the Goodnight button to turn lights off and lower blinds in other rooms of your home, from the comfort of your bed. If you hear a noise in the night, you can turn the hallway lights on and raise living room blinds with the Alert button.


Unique app features

Three unique app features will your lighting life easy:

  • Scheduling — this enables you to program lights (and blinds) to automatically adjust at set times of day.
  • Geofencing — controls lights based on your location. This feature can turn lights on for you when you arrive home and notify you if you have left lights on when you leave.
  • Smart Away — this feature randomly turns lights on and off in the evening and that makes it looks like people are at home, even when they are out.

RA2 Select works with smart home solutions from other best-in-class brands so it adds even more convenience to your life. You can use your Amazon Alexa to create just the right light using voice control.

RA2 Select also works with Apple Siri to control lights and blinds, while you can use Google Assistant to perfectly adjust the lighting with voice control. Additional features include Honeywell Home compatibility so you can choose from a variety of thermostat options to control the temperature in the home, from anywhere.

RA2 Select is also compatible with Ring, so you can set lights to turn on when the Ring doorbell or camera detects motion outside. And Sonos Home Sound Systems can be controlled via a Pico remote control for audio, from scenes in the Lutron App, or from a Pico scene keypad. You can also control the lighting using voice via Sonos One with Amazon Alexa.


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