SaveMoneyCutCarbon energy saving advice for property sector in haysmacintyre Autumn Briefing

Hayes Macintyre Autumn Briefing 2014 CEO Mark Sait offers detailed energy saving advice to the property sector in the latest haysmacintyre newsletter.

The Autumn briefing, distributed to entrepreneurs, fast-growing and owner-managed businesses, charities and not for profit organisations across the UK and internationally is edited by Ian Daniels, head of property for the leading mid-tier firm of Chartered Accountants and tax advisers.

Mark advises readers: “The stark fact that utility bills have doubled in the past decade is a compelling driver for every business and household to manage energy and water consumption in the most efficient ways.

“Energy bills are forecast to double again in the next 10 years and the Government has repeatedly warned that the era of cheap energy is over.

“The only good part of this dismal scenario is that businesses can take some pretty simple steps to make big savings on their energy and water bills. At the same time, the focus on energy efficiency can feed into and reinforce a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies that now are an essential element for every enterprise.”

You can download the full newsletter, which is packed with great articles for the commercial property sector, from the hayesmacintyre website.

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