Our top 5 tips on how to keep your house warm this winter

The key to keeping your house warm in winter is to keep the heat in and the drafts out, this way your boiler has much less work to do – which in turn saves you money on your energy bills.

Insulating your home doesn’t have to cost the earth, in fact our top 5 heat loss preventing products come in at under £50 each!

Radflek radiator foil sheets

Radiator foil sheets are one of the best radiator heating efficiency tips we have up our sleeves! It might never have occurred to you but about 40% of the heat coming from your radiators is lost, radiated from the rear of your radiators at the wall!

Using radiator foil sheets means 95% of this wasted heat is radiated back into the room, instead of being lost through your walls. Capturing and using this usually wasted heat keeps your rooms at temperature for longer and quicker so your boiler needs to fire up less, in turn saving you money on your energy bills.

Top energy saving tip: If you keep doors closed your rooms will heat up even quicker!

The best part is that Radflek radiator foils are quick and easy to fit yourself, you simply hang them from the wall brackets behind your radiator. As they are removable you can clean them and take them with you if you decide to move – which means they are also zero-waste.

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Letterbox brush draught excluder

Did you know? 10% of your homes heat is lost through your letterbox. If your thermostat and front door letterbox are in close proximity, your boiler could be working much harder than it needs to in detecting a much lower temperature to the other rooms in your home.

Our letterbox brush simply attaches behind the inside opening of the door using four screws. At under £4 it’s the easiest and cheapest way to stop those annoying draughts coming in.

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Flexible door insulation tape

We call it door insulation tape but actually its great for doors and windows alike.

Did you know around 40% of your homes heat is lost through draughty doors and windows? Worry not you don’t need to embark on a costly refurb our flexible rubber draught strip is under £6.50 and will do the job just nicely.

Easy to fit yourself with the double-sided tape, its home insulation made easy.

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Window insulation kit

If you’ve not got double glazing, our window insulation kit is the easy way to keep warm.

Similar to how double-glazing works, the air between your window glass and the thin plastic film acts as an insulator. Stopping the cold air from coming through your windows and creating a layer of insulation, means that less heat is lost and each of your rooms stays warmer, meaning your boiler has to work less hard which saves you money on your energy bills.

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Internal door draught excluders

A simple and cost-effective way to save energy and money by reducing heat loss and preventing draughts in your home. Our internal door draught excluders simply slide onto the bottom of any standard internal door.

They adjust for any door plates and bumps in the floor so there’s no trip hazard! Even better they can be cut down to suit all doors

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