Meet Craig, our Home Club Member of the Month!

Meet Craig, our latest Home Club Member of the Month. Craig lives with his partner in the lovely Suffolk countryside. Focused on reducing his carbon footprint, Craig has switched a lot of his electrical and water products at home for energy efficient and water-saving ones. Recently, he’s ramped up his efforts, so we spoke to him about his sustainable adventures to see what he’s been swapping to!

What made you want to live more sustainably?

It’s strange as I always thought I was doing my bit for the environment by walking to the shop when I could, limiting driving where possible and being mindful of the water and electricity that I use.

One day I was taking my recycling out and looked in the bin to see so many plastic bottles from cleaning products. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I find myself cleaning even more frequently (I’m a self-proclaimed clean freak even before Covid and many mates would comment on it), so I noticed I was going through a lot more plastic trigger sprays, which of course can’t be fully recycled because of the trigger mechanism. These all were adding up before my eyes, so I thought it was time to overhaul my cleaning products for less wasteful ones.

I researched a lot, and the more I learned, the more devastated I became, and my passion to be sustainable just got stronger.

Which sustainable swap are you most proud of?

During my research, I came across the OceanSaver EcoDrops on the SaveMoneyCutCarbon website. I’m a creature of habit, so even though I’d decided to make a sustainable swap, I was sceptical to pass over the trusted cleaning brands I was used to. Nonetheless, I gave the EcoDrops a try and I was not disappointed.

Why do you love it so much?

I was amazed at how easy they were to use, how well they cleaned (better than the expensive ones I used to buy) and just how good I felt knowing I would stop wasting plastic. They’ve been an absolute game changer for me, I don’t think I’ll ever go back – they work great and they make me feel good about how much my waste has reduced.

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