Hotels energy and water savings build growth in 2014

Image of hotel exterior - hotel growth through energy and water savings

Hotels across the UK are building growth in 2014 through energy and water savings.

The hospitality sector outlook is very positive with the UK leading hotel investment expansion in Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA). Forward thinking hotel companies are cutting costs and carbon emissions through energy and water saving strategies that build value.

We’re working with hotel groups and have delivered £100,000’s of savings for hotels in the past 12 months by cutting bills, cutting consumption and cutting carbon.

Crucially, the products and solutions we provide have no negative impact on guest satisfaction – and the return on investment is rapid. The hotel then goes on saving year after year.

Water savings

For example, Puma Hotels Collection saved £100K in just eight months on an investment of £65K by replacing existing shower heads with EcoSmart shower heads and by installing low cost tap aerators.

We managed the water-saving strategy from end-to-end, from surveys to planning, installation and monitoring via our UK Field Services team. Read the full case study here.

We’re now working with the hotel group to make further massive savings in energy consumption with rapid return on investment across their UK properties.

Martin Kinnaird, Puma Hotels’ Collection Group Technical Services Manager: “The fact that SaveMoneyCutCarbon not only fulfilled their commitment to delivering the end-to-end solution we required but also went further by sourcing bespoke fittings for some our hotels was very impressive. We will continue to work with them in other sustainability projects over the next year.”

Paul Nisbett, Puma Hotels’ Collection Financial and Commercial Director, says: “The most satisfying part of our sustainability partnership with SaveMoneyCutCarbon is the fact that after we recoup our investment, we will continue to save money month on month.”

Mike Jourdain, Head of Property and Development for Puma Hotels’ Collection, comments: “I had heard of SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s excellent reputation for going the extra mile in delivering end-to-end solutions through their Field Services team, which is why I chose them to partner with us on this complex project. The savings delivered have exceeded our expectations and SaveMoneyCutCarbon not only met our exacting deadlines but also used their knowledge and experience to ensure that the whole process ran smoothly.”

Lighting savings

We have fully managed a lighting retrofit across the Park Inn and Radisson Blu hotels in  the UK and Ireland, with savings of £250K a year by installing LED tubes, panels and exterior lighting.

The LED retrofit is also helping the hotels meet Carlson Rezidor group’s environmental commitment through its global Think Planet initiative.

Smart controls savings

Heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC) is the biggest energy drain in any commercial building but especially in the 24/7 operations of the hotel environment.

Radisson Blu Hotel Cardiff wanted to find the best HVAC management solution and one that had no adverse impact on guest satisfaction.

The hotel saved up to 45% energy by installing our GEM wireless system to control heating, ventilation and air conditioning when guests leave the room.

Martin Perkins, Radisson Blu Cardiff financial controller says: “The project is a no-brainer –  we need to save on consumption to help protect the bottom line against the ever-increasing energy prices and new levies being introduced. To do this with minimum guest disturbance and to have a payback which owners cannot argue with is fantastic and it means this project ticks all boxes.”

Jens Hallman, Radisson Blu Cardiff general manager says: “We are not energy experts, so it was essential to recruit expertise for this. One of the advantages of this solution is that does not require any guest involvement and is completely automatic.”

Triple savings win

These real-world examples of hotels cutting consumption, cutting bills and cutting carbon show how every property can build growth through energy and water efficiencies in 2014. The SaveMoneyCutCarbon solution brings together best products, knowledge and expertise to deliver measurable results and rapid return on investment.

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