Guarding Against Legionella: How Conti+ sensor taps bolster washroom safety

Guarding Against Legionella: How Conti+ sensor taps bolster washroom safety

Choosing the best sensor tap is essential when searching for a hygienic washroom solution and the Conti+ range has the added benefit of helping to guard against Legionella.

Conti+ sensor taps mitigate the build-up of biofilm and high levels of CFU (Colony Forming Units) in the water system. The taps feature an automatic rinse to ensure there’s no risk of Legionella or other water-based bacteria, helping to keep your staff and visitors healthy.

An extra benefit of both the Ultra and Ruby ranges of infrared sensor taps is that the reduced water usage will result in less energy being used to heat the water. We have a range of battery powered sensor taps as well as mains powered, all of which use a minimal amount of energy, helping to reduce energy usage.

Hygiene flush

The Conti+ range features a planned routine hygiene flush whereby if a tap is not used for a certain period – such as no use over 12 hours – it will automatically flush for 30 seconds. Local engineers will know the length of pipework and select the best flush routine for their building.

The flushing process will keep water moving, which is key in the fight against water-borne infections. If a tap is located in a particular area with a longer pipework run, then longer flushing times can be easily set.


Thermal flush

For thermal flushing, the taps can withstand temperature of hot flush up to 80°C, without affecting any internal parts and research shows that 99.999% of water-borne microorganisms are killed at 149°F/65°C in 5 minutes of exposure.

The filters on the tap provide for a 0.5 micron size to allow small debris to pass through, which reduces build up, providing an improved waterway to help keep clean. Many competitors have a smaller size of around 0.2 micron.

The water supply enters and exits the top of the Conti + solenoid and does not pass through the body, which means that debris cannot build up in the body of the tap to create an infection zone. This contrasts with competitor products where water and debris can pass through and adhere to other solenoids.

As bacteria breeds quickly between 25 and 45 degrees, it is recommended that there is a 6-inch space between the hot and cold supply pipework to avoid heat from the hot tap transferring to the cold water supply temperature, which can create risk. Cold water should be supplied at 20°C or less and hot water ideally above 50°C.

Conti+ Ultra

The Conti+ Ultra range is ideal for commercial washroom environments and is only available in the UK to purchase online from SaveMoneyCutCarbon, and it has been successfully installed in high-usage environments such as Moto service areas.

The range flows at only 1.9 litres per minute and is touch-free and electronically controlled so that water only flows when it’s needed, reducing water usage by up to 70%. The Conti+ Ultra range can be centrally controlled by the Conti+ Service App, which makes maintenance smart and simple.


Conti+ Ultra key product information:

  • 1.9 litres per minute flow rate (3 bar)
  • For connection to cold or premixed water
  • Modular single-piece design without separate installation box, sturdy metal housing, chromed
  • Reliable solenoid valve ROBUST (minimal level of water pressure surge)
  • Dual infrared sensors with automatic setting feature, microprocessor – electronic
  • Vandal-resistant aerator (replaceable with integrated tool)
  • Cold water supply connection with flexible hose
  • Built-in filter
  • TwistStop: integrated automatic shut-off for facilitate replacing or cleaning the filter (no shut-off to angle valves required)
  • One Tool Service / all system parts accessible from above
  • 12 or 24-hour hygienic flush activatable with Touch
  • Compatible with CNX and Service APP: control of stored operational data, settings, and control functions
  • Compatible with Service APP: Control of stored operational data, settings, and control functions
  • Mains supply: Plug-in transformer 110-240 V 50/60 Hz / 6 V
  • Operating pressure: 0,3 – 10 bar
  • Water temperature (max.): 80 °C
  • Follow-up time: 1 s pre-set (adjustable with Touch 0-10 s)
  • Continuous water flow and hygienic flush time: 2 min pre-set (adjustable with Touch 0,5-20 min)
  • Temporary-off: 2 min. (fixed)
  • Sensor sensitivity: Automatic self-adapting sensor technology
  • Built-in filters: 0,5 mm mesh size
  • Aerator: Aerator RC
  • Flexible hose: 350 mm
  • Angle valve connection: G 3/8“
  • Engineering standards: DIN EN 200; CE

Conti+ Ruby

The Conti+ Ruby range of sensor taps is also designed for high-usage commercial washroom environments and is also only available in the UK to purchase online from SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

The range flows at only 5l litre per minute at 3 bar, and 3 litres per minute at 1 bar, it is also touch-free and electronically controlled, so water only flows when it’s needed. This reduces heated water use, which also means a smaller carbon footprint.

And a flow rate of 3 litres per minute supports achievement of the WAT01 BREEAM certification and will contribute towards an “excellent” building rating.

The Conti+ Ruby range can be centrally controlled by the Conti+ Service App, which makes maintenance smart and simple.


Conti+ Ruby key product information:

  • 5 litres per minute flow rate (3 bar) 3 litres at 1 Bar
  • Flow time: 1 second preset (adjustable with touch 0-10 sec)
  • Modular two piece construction
  • Sturdy metal housing (polished)
  • Intelligent infrared sensor configured to only scan the basin space, thus avoiding false activations and saving water
  • Reliable magnetic valve and economy aerator
  • Water supply connection with flexible high pressure hose and filter (built in)
  • Temporary -off (cleaning ) can be activated through ‘touch’
  • Continuous water flow time (filling of basin) can be activated / adjusted through “touch”
  • Water follow-up time and sensor sensitivity adjustable through “touch”
  • 24 – hour hygienic rinse can be activated through “touch”
  • Installation like a conventional single lever faucet
  • Mains operation: plug in transformer 100-250VAC / 6VDC

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