Destination Charging – Offering Charging as a Revenue Opportunity

Destination charging enables our customers in the public and private sector to offer EV charging as a service to the growing number of EV drivers.


Company car and fleet drivers across the UK & Europe are transitioning to Electric Vehicles and benefiting from massive fuel savings and tax incentives to switch.

71% of UK consumers would consider EV as next vehicle.

The UK Government has bought forward the ban on sale of new Petrol and Diesel Vehicles for the 3rd time to 2030. The EU will also ban the sale of both by 2035.

What is Destination Charging? 

Destination Chargers are chargers that are open to the general public, allowing the business owners to offer charging as a low touch revenue generating service.

EV charging-as-a-service opens up a valuable revenue stream – but it has to be done right. Let SaveMoneyCutCarbon ensure you have the most appropriate EV charge points for your needs and those of your customers – taking advantage of the exciting new era of low carbon transport.

The Benefits of installing your own charging infrastructure

installing infastructure

Buying vs Free 

buying vs free

How Can we Help?

Proven Products and trusted brands, Our approach is brand agnostic.

We work with multiple brands to ensure we can offer the best solution for our customers requirements, ensuring we are able to deliver not just customer satisfaction, but customer wows.

Discover our Full Package Service

SaveMoneyCutCarbon can provide complete end to end solutions when it comes to your Destination charging Including:

  • Preliminary High Level Desk Based Design and Feasibility Study
  • Required Site Surveys and Audits
  • Full System Design and Specification
  • Finance Solutions available to keep capital expenditure down.
  • DNO Applications and Approval
  • Associated Groundworks and Bay Marking
  • Installation, Commissioning and Connections
  • Back Office Support and Set Up
  • Adding your charger location to Zap Map and Geniepoint Portal
  • After Care and Maintenance Contracts

Start your Destination Charging Journey today

If you’re not sure where to start then SaveMoneyCutCarbon is here to help.

We provide Destination Charging Solutions and advice for businesses and organisations. If you’re interested in finding out more fill out the form below to make an appointment with one of our EV Specialists who will be able to advise you on the best way forward for your business to begin its destination charging journey.

Find out how we can help your business.

0333 123 5464

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