Club Member of the Month: Tanya Barrow

Our very first Club Member of the Month!

Meet T – or as most people know her (even the postman!) Mummy Barrow.

T (never Tanya) is a devoted mother and award-winning blogger who has spent the past 10 years documenting her adventures, blogging about life, travel, leisure, motherhood and more.

She’s travelled all over the world fundraising thousands of pounds for Comic Relief as a volunteer.

T’s heart is in creating a community, bringing people together over land and water – embodying our values here at SaveMoneyCutCarbon for sure.

We’re proud to have her as our first member of the month!

Recently becoming a Grandma, T wanted to be more eco conscious in the example she set for future generations, especially for her granddaughter.

T told us all about why she chose to make more sustainable swaps in her life, and shared with us her favourite swap too!

What made you want to live more sustainably?

“Earlier this year my first grandchild was born and the realisation hit me that she is going to be growing up in a world that we have been destroying for too long. In a society that loves David Attenborough and all he teaches us but we do more than just say how right he is, and how yes we really must change? If we are honest do we actually make any changes?

I am guilty of being lucky enough to fly a couple of times a year, and of having a car I can get in and drive 100 miles at the weekend just so I can see the sea, but I don’t offset that carbon and I should if I am going to carry on doing those things. We can’t do everything all at once but we can make small changes, and teach others about those small changes.

I want Lily to grow up knowing this is the norm, not something she has to change and if I want that to happen I really need to be conscious of what I am doing from now onwards.”

What is your absolute favourite swap – the one you can’t imagine being without or are most proud of?

“Weirdly my favourite swap has been ditching cling film for wax wraps and trying to be more aware of the single use plastic we use.”

Why do you love it so much?

“I made some wax wraps for my mum a few years ago, using material I had found when we were clearing out her mum’s property after she passed away.

My mum instantly recognised the bits of material and was so touched.  Now every time she uses them she can think of her mum, and they are so much more colourful than boring cling film, and better for the environment.

I did make a heck of a mess so I might stick to buying them from now on but it was a simple swap and has made a positive difference.”

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