Back to school – how to be eco friendly at school

We know that parents can feel dread in the pit of their stomachs about Back to School and the long list of things that are needed for a new term. There is a lot to think about such as uniforms, school shoes, lunch boxes, and school supplies, to name a few, and not only is there a financial cost you might also be considering the impact some of these purchases will have on the environment in the long term.

Many of us are trying to be more sustainable, and often the focus around school can bring a little anxiety. After all, there are many purchases to make and it seems plastic can be involved a lot, not to mention the waste. So, we have put together a few tips to help you feel calm about the return to school and enable you to be more sustainable doing it.


Uniforms can have a big impact on your finances when your child returns to school, and you may be looking at a huge pile of uniforms your child has grown out of in previous years. To be less wasteful, you could donate your old uniform to school if you don’t have younger children that can benefit from it. Equally, you may find that uniforms have been donated by other parents in the age of your child. Also, communicate on WhatsApp or Facebook groups. You never know what you could pick up. If your school doesn’t have a process for donations, why not consider setting your own up?



Lunch boxes and lunches can also be pricey when your child returns to school, and these days there is so much plastic, so why not find some alternative solutions? You could use a lunchbox made from recyclable materials, or even choose a material lunch box instead. A sustainable lunchbox that goes one step further, made from recycled rice husk destined to be burned – an environmental travesty! Huski Home lunchboxes are durable, biodegradable and non-toxic. This is an eco-friendly bento box that will easily fit a sandwich, salad, and snacks between the two compartments and come with a handy carry handle that folds down flat for easy storage. It is twinned walled to keep hot food warmer for longer and keep cold food cool. This sustainable lunchbox is perfect for picnics, work lunches, school lunch or even for storing leftovers at home.

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Plastic Free Water Bottles 

Super Sparrow sustainable water bottles are made with longevity in mind – manufactured from durable materials, they won’t split, crack or leak. Great news for landfill and a no-brainer for ditching the single-use plastic.

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You may need to provide stationery or other school supplies, so instead of choosing lots of plastic, you could seek out supplies that have been made with recyclable materials. There is plenty of eco-friendly stationery when you look for it, which could help you to make a wiser choice. This goes for pens, pencils, and even pencil cases.

Getting to school 

Being more sustainable and eco-friendlier doesn’t always mean the things you wear or use, it can also mean transport. If you do live close to your child’s school consider walking or riding a bike instead of using your car. It will not only save you money on fuel but it can be far better for the planet and reduce your overall carbon footprint.


Remember the three “R”s

Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle. When making any purchases for school, or anything for that matter, try and remember these three words. It can help you to make more sustainable choices.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to be more sustainable when your children return to school and help them understand and learn about their environmental impact too.

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