Guinness to remove plastic packaging from multipacks

Guinness has announced that it’s removing all plastic from multipacks of the Irish stout brand as part of its industry-leading drive to reduce pollution.

BehaviourCorporate Social ResponsibilitySustainability in practice

Shell commits $300 million to massive tree planting project

Shell has announced a $300 million reforestation project to offset carbon emissions from its fossil fuel products.

BehaviourCorporate Social ResponsibilitySustainability in practice

ROI – Invest in Eco for Big Long-term Savings

It might seem strange to view a lightbulb or a shower head as a long-term investment for the home but that’s what buying the right eco products means.

Cut consumption at homeHomesSustainability in practice

Sustainability Without Compromise

Going green at home should not be the moment when you don the hair shirt and embrace the gloom. Now, more than ever, there are a range of excellent products solutions and choices that means you do not need to compromise on comfort and convenience when making the change to...

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Urgent need to reduce water use even as the heatwave ends

As the long heatwave ends, the focus is on ways for homes and businesses to reduce water use and avoid future shortages.

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Video masterclass on saving energy and water in education sector

Saving energy and water in the education sector is a national priority – this video masterclass shows how to accomplish the greening of education..

Energy efficiencySchoolsSustainability in practice

Green PEA scheme receives accolade from Energy Managers Association

The Borough of Poole’s innovative Green PEA scheme has received an accolade by the Energy Manager Association. The Green PEA (Promoting Environmental Action) scheme –...

Sustainability in practice

Northwood liftsharing success with sustainable travel plan

Lynne Potter, Sustainabillity Advisor for Carillion at Northwood Headquarters shares the success of the military base’s car sharing scheme. Northwood HQ in Middlesex has five...

Sustainability in practiceTransport and sustainability

Sustainability is alive and well – and pressing for change in corporate management

Reports of the demise of sustainability surface from time to time but a new MIT study clearly shows how crucial it is now to business...

Sustainability in practice

Raising awareness of sustainable development at Middlesex military base

Northwood Headquarters in Middlesex is a military base, home to five operational headquarters. There are over 2000 military and civilian personnel, and support services are...

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